Output stereo/mono options

I currently have one stereo output defined which goes to m-audio as left/right output. I may need mix that down to mono for final connection to PA.

Can I easily do that in Cantabile so that my left or right m-audio will be a mono signal? Outside of Cantabile I guess I could get a patch cable with two 1/4 males that sum to a 1/4 mono female. Wondering if there’s another way.



Hi Thomas,

Try this, I think it will do it. Just add the opposite port out numbers to each channel and it should mix then both to mono.


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Hi Dave, thanks for this, it’s something I’ve wanted to do. I have a question though on load balancing the outputs. If only the left or right is used do you need to put a load on the other output to avoid damaging the unit? More of electronics question really but I’m not sure.

Hi Chris,

From my experience this is not an issue. Each is independent and doesn’t affect the other. I did both for the OP’s request.


Fair point. Thanks for that.