Output Limiter Parameter


I’m wondering enabling output limiter or not.

Usually, a limiter has a threshold so that no signal will go over that level (otherwise the name is compressor).
So I’m wondering :

  • is it a compressor that will stick your level between the threshold and 0dBFS (max level), or will it really limit your signal to the threshold level.
  • the threshold is in percentage (default 80%) : does it mean 80% of dynamics (something like < -10dB depending on your audio settings), or 80% of max level (about -2dBFullScale)


Maybe you will find the information you’re seeking here:

Reagards, humphrey

The Cantabile built-in output limiter is not a true limiter, but rather a “soft clipper”:slight_smile:

  • a true limiter would lower the overall volume whenever the signal level exceeds the threshold - and recover the volume level after a release time.
  • Cantabile’s output limiter simply stops any signal exceeding the percentage set in the parameter without lowering overall volume. Essentially, it clips signal peaks, but with a “rounded edge”.

I’d call Cantabile’s function a “soft saturator” - and naturally such a process creates distortions, which is what you don’t want from a limiter.

So if you’re after a limiting function I’d recommend a separate plugin somewhere in a “master rack” in your songs. I use LoudMax - free and simple.




Thank you for the answer.

Soft sat (with 0 latency) is pergect for me, especially if we’re talking about 80% of max level, (20log0.8/1=-2dBFS), thus working on accidental peaks while working at normal digital average level (-18->-12), combined with FabFilter C2, just like you :grinning:

It brings another question to me : is audio recording pre or post limiter ?

Best regards,