Outboard MIDI Gear Program Change Manager Rack

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Hi All,

While helping @Tsunami.Warning on a setup I was wishing it was cleaner so I thought that a rack that managed outboard gear Program Changes would be something to add to the Shared area to help in this case. The rack itself drops into any song you want and can select the first 16 banks of 128 programs in this form. There are increment and decrement custom buttons on the rack slot and it accepts momentary switch inputs from your controller that do the same thing with CC 90 = Inc & CC 91 = Dec, (these cc numbers can be changed in the bindings area inside the rack). For the rack to work properly you need to check the “Selected Rack State” & the “Output Gain” state behavior check-boxes for the rack. After it’s installed you route it’s MIDI out to your outboard gear MIDI port.

You set the bank number using the drop down menu on the rack.

You can use the slider on the rack to quickly move through the patch numbers and use the increment and decrement for stepped auditioning of patches. Once you find your patch(s) you save the song and the rack settings will be stored. This also applies to song state changes as well.

Here is the rack

OUTBOARD PG Change.cantabileRack (141.3 KB)

To replicate it for other gear you open the rack and save a copy of it with a unique name. You can make as many as you need.



ADDENDUM: I made some errors and have fixed them and re- uploaded the rack here


Hi Dave, your work here is nothing short but amazing. The rack looks tidy and concise, and the added Bank functionality is very handy. Thank you for sharing!

Just a quick question:

The left and right custom buttons (1 and 3) are supposed to change banks? I get a missing target message “Output.PortProvider.OutputPort.midiTarget.loopback:Rack: MIDI In”, change it to “Rack 1 - MIDI In” (the one available for me), and the buttons are automatically assigned to CC #96 and #97, but they don’t seem to be doing anything.

Also, are the bank numbers amount pre-defined by Cantabile or can I customize it?


No, they should increment and decrement the current banks’ Program numbers. Something must be up.

Do you have show loopback ports enabled in Options? Also enable Show Environment Ports.

OK, you found a bug, I’ll fix it and reupload the rack! They should have been 90 and 91. Thanks!!

No, I arbitrarily assigned the first 16 thinking they were the usual suspects. Yes, you can assign what ever bank numbers you want. To do easiest is to create more rack states and then program the value in the binding in the Bank Change group I made that sends the bank numbers. Here is a view of the binding you would edit to get your choice. You could of course also just edit each state I already made if you wanted to call the banks you wanted. Just change the state name and the value in the binding for that state.


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I re-uploaded the rack to the original post above with the corrections to the custom buttons and a note. Thanks @Tsunami.Warning :slight_smile:

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Hi Dave, thank you for the updated rack. :slight_smile:

I have now :man_facepalming: haha!

Not sure if it’s a user error or a bug, but when I change song states, i.e. Key1 is set to program 10 and Key2 is set to program 1, the gain slider looks correct, but Key1 pg10 actually changes to pg1, instead of staying at pg10. And when I switch back to Key1, now Key2 pg1 changes to pg10. Does that make sense? :joy: I hope this video helps:

Here’s how my rack looks:


I’ll check it out …

The problem is that you are trying to multi task the rack to more than one VST, it was designed to be paired with a single VST so to do 2 or more different VSTs or outboard gear you need to make a copy of the rack with a different name and use it on the second VST. That would prevent the unwanted changes I think … Also since the slider is a virtual memory it needs to be set for each song state if you use multiple song states.

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You are absolutely right! Dang, I’m so immersed in this that I overlooked something this obvious. They are all sharing the same rack, duh! My previous version, the one that had all bindings done on a Song level (no custom rack), had the target change dynamically for each VST/hardware.

Thank you again, Dave, appreciate your time and patience.

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