OT: Microsoft Surface Pro 6?

Any good for Cantabile? Using a HP Elitebook Folio 9470M - 8gig Ram and 250 SSD i5@2.3gig at the moment.
With all this glitching going on I am getting nervous haha!

It should work, but I recommend having at least 12 gigs of RAM, as the operating system and one app alone can want up to 8 gigs by itself at times.So, go with the 16-gig model and you should be flying. Those are killer-diller machines.


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Agreed, do not skip the RAM. I’d trade a slower processor for more RAM.

Thanks guys - yeah the specs do look good! I like the form factor as well.

The Model I am looking at has 16gig RAM, i7 processor and 250g ssd

If you’re using big sample libraries 256Gb won’t be enough. Other specs look great!

I use a 1Tb SSD - haven’t managed to fill it (yet) :slight_smile: .

I agree. That 256 gig drive will fill up frustratingly fast. Go for as big as you can afford.

I could only afford the 256G Surface, but did invest in the i7 and have been happy with it’s performance. Has anyone tried using an external SSD hard drive in conjunction with a USB Audio Interface e.g. Focusrite. It’s a lot cheaper than the 1T Surface.

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Be carreful with surface pro …
For having tested them a lot… the audio latency is worse since pro 4.
I have trade my pro 4 for a pro 3 …and now no latency…

You will find test on yt.

Not tested pro 6 myself … but seems to be the same drivers than the pro 4