OT: length of reply

I understand length of reply needs to help avoid spamming, but can we make it less than 20? EG If all I want to do is write “thanks”, to a post I cannot…cannot even write “thanks guys” so yeah, maybe a reduction in required characters, if possible…if not, well, carry on hahaha!

Most indubitably true.

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Pax, that’s what that cute little click-on heart symbol is for :wink:. I know, kinda girlie. I lobbied for a thumbs-up symbol instead, but no dice.

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yeah thanks lees - I did know that but I am a little “old school” hahaha! Sometimes I actually like to “personally” write my thanks…to me, well, I think it means more than a simple click of a mouse. Guess I need to adapt to the new ways of doing things.

Anyhoo, no biggie hahaha!

Yeah, I’ve been bitten by this too, however… I know that the devs who built the forum software are experts in building community and these limits would have been very carefully considered and I’m happy to defer to that expertise.

I don’t even know if its possible to change it.

thanks Brad, as I wrote earlier if it cannot be changed then no probs…it’s more an observation rather than any issue with it :wink: