OS (C:) or Data (D:) Drive For Cantabile, Plugins

Sorry for this elementary question but I’m just a low level user getting started with playing a Fishman Triple Play equipped guitar thru a PC and controlling Cantabile with a battery powered Roland FC-300 foot controller.

My Asus laptop has a OS (C:) drive and Data (D:) showing. Should I install Cantabile on C: and plugins, Sampletank, Kontact, etc on D:, or everything on D: and leave C: for the OS or…?

I’m sure there is just one physical drive and these just are partitions.

The C: drive is 279GB, D: 398 GB

Cantabile 2, Windows 8 64bit

Thanks for you help.


Hi bbob,

I would install Cantabile and all vst plugins on your os drive and use the secondary drive for sample libraries and audio files.


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Hi @bbob,

If it’s an SSD drive it probably makes little different performance wise, so put them where ever is most convenient.

If it’s a mechanical drive you may be better off putting it all on the OS drive. I’m mainly thinking about seek time between the OS/pagefile and the sample libraries - you’ll get a small boost if they’re closer together.

That said I’d go with whatever is more convenient unless it’s an actual problem.


Wait, did you say it was one physical drive, with 2 partitions? If so, it doesn’t matter. You are going to get seek contention (waiting for the disk heads to position to the correct track) and rotational latency (waiting for the disk area you need to read to spin around) regardless. The partitions only serve to organize things. Actually, I would use something like Partition Magic to dump the D: partition and just go with one C: partition (assuming there is only one physical drive).

Are you using sample-based VSTs? (I doubt it–it’s probably guitar effects you’re interested in.) If so, an SSD second drive would be a good place to put libraries. If you aren’t using sample-based, then you’re probably not going to get disk I/O issues anyway.

Just noticed how old this is! Hopefully, you’ve figured it out long ago!


Hi Richard,

Thanks for the reply.

Yes, one physical drive.

And I’m using Scuffam S-Gear, Guitar Rig 5, Kontakt, and Sampletank.