Organize bindings

Hey people,

as I sometimes use a lot of bindings, it would be a big help to create folders to organize those bindings. @brad: What do you think? Might this be useful or am I the only one who would work with that? :slight_smile:


What about using (possibly embedded) racks to organise the bindings?

I have various re-usable utility racks that contain sets of bindings and routes to help tidy up my song and rack bindings/routes lists. Maybe that approach could help.


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Hi, I think I mentioned this before, but the feature I would love to see is effectively a background rack selectable for each set list.

I have set list specific bindings for song selection from my MIDI controllers, and I have to configure Cantabile to use a different background rack when I switch to a different set list which has the patch change bindings for that set list. Not a major drag to do that, but…

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Sounds interesting. Never thought about that! I’ll look into this. Thanks!

That’s very cool Neil! Any chance of a screenshot example?


Here are a few of my simpler ones, that are potentially most useful to other people. First is my Leslie speed controller rack, for controlling whether my footswitch should toggle organ leslie speed or not. It just encapsulates two bindings, one for routing from my MIDI Expression Quattro unit (footswitch/pedal controller) to CC01 (which I typically have as leslie on/off on VB3), and a second binding to ensure the leslie is disabled at song load. I simply add it to my song and route the rack output into VB3. The rack has two states, enabled and disabled, so that for a given song state I can have leslie speed control enabled/disabled (primarily because for some parts I might be using my footswitch to control something else).

The second example is my Sustainer rack, which simply holds down the sustain pedal (CC64) for all song states that have the rack state is set to Sustain, and releases it when the rack state is set to Release. This is useful when I want a drone note/chord throughout a particular section - all I need to do is hit the notes in the appropriate keyboard zone and let it hang. The held notes automatically release when I move to the next (or whichever) song state, so it’s truly “fire and forget”. I just drop it into my song and route the output to the rack/plugin I wish to sustain.

My last example has no bindings, but a couple of routes, switched via rack state. It’s my Right Pedal rack, which simply redirects footswitch messages to either CC01 or CC90, depending on rack state. It allows me to use a foot switch for two different things in different parts of a song. Again, a simple thing, but I do this in a few songs, so putting it in a rack makes sense.

They’re simple, but remove some of the clutter from song bindings and routes. Also, because they have rack state stuff set up, I don’t need to worry about programming that correctly in song bindings. I try to put as much of this kind of thing into reusable racks, so that my song bindings are usually very simple, or even empty.

Hope this might help.



Great! Thanks for the screenshots! I need to check this out… sounds great!


Thanks so much Neil. Very nice ! The rusty wheels in my head are already spinning out ideas how to use similar utility racks. Great idea ! # sticky note



Thanks, Neil.

A neat idea, and a good way of reuse that I hadn’t thought of.

I forgot to mention the other important benefit. If your setup changes in some way that affects these bindings (for example you get a different pedal or something), you only need to make a single change to your rack, rather than go through every song that might need fixing.



That is a really neat virtualisation approach (like Cantabile virtual ports for Audio and MIDI).