Organ Plugins - Opinions?


Interesting pieces on the A-432 Hz “debate” here:

I had never heard of this before you had mentioned it!




I’ll have to admit, I was skeptical at first, but whether it is true, or it is just psychological, it seems to be more pleasant, but tuning down from A to Ab may do just as well. Some people claim tuning upwards gives a song more excitement. If I am singing a song in A 440, and tune down to A 432, it is, of course, easier to sing, which would make it more pleasant to sing. Many composers experimented with detuning, so did many of the blues guys. Many guitar players tune to Eb still, of course it makes it easier to bend the strings, which has nothing to do with natural vibrations in nature. It is all interesting, and may have some validity, but I am not Tesla or Einstein. I am just trying to get to the next gig :sunglasses:


Good thing you’re not using a real Hammond! Or an electric piano :wink: (Although I guess a big Vari-AC could help with the organ.)


I second VB3 as an organ plugin


Just got this from Acoustic Samples:

Thanks for your feedback, we’ll investigate this issue and see if we can solve this issue !

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Now you make me curious !
Can we have some sample?


Very interesting, all to do with natural harmonics !

I guess you guys all know the theorie, right? =)

this is also a must see


Love the last video - great visuals!

But on the 432 vs 440 discussion, most of the cymatic experiments are grossly misleading. Remember: this is all about resonance and standing waves, which in turn depend on the geometrics and physical properties of the vibrating medium. So it’s just as easy to construct a vibrating medium (steel plate, water bowl) for a cymatic experiment that will show harmonic patterns at 440 Hz and disharmonic ones at 432 - :nerd_face:

But everyone needs a conspiracy theory :smiling_imp:




And Surely (don’t call me Shirley :wink: ) those physical properties that contribute to standing waves and resonances or cancellations in the “medium” is going to vary from location to location?


Leave my medium out of this - I no longer organize seances.

I know the effects of the 432 vs 440 are real, because if I tune my bassoon to 432 I can still tell the difference even while wearing my tinfoil hat, whereas if I play it tuned to 440, then the tinfoil hat merely gives me a mild headache. (But not if I’m spinning around while I’m playing… and please don’t try this at home spinning while playing a thusly tuned bassoon in a small room!)



You guys are really bringing up flashbacks of when I took the brown acid at Woodstock. I remember a huge crowd circling in a spiral around me and I was naked. Someone had stolen my bell bottoms and everything was fuzzy…yet colorful…and my body was in tune with the music and the smell…and the crowd and…yeah…dig it. Was it 432? No…it was the acid.:sunflower:


Somehow I feel like 432 might be related to 420. Or 420 might have caused 432. So confused (inhale).



Soon as I get a few minutes, I’ll shoot you a sample.


You guys are all forgetting that everything under the sun is in tune, but the sun is eclipsed by the moon.


We were born before the wind. Also younger than the Sun. 'Ere the bonnie boat was won, as we sailed into the mystic.


OMG you guys are even more weird than I already knew :smiley:
Peace fellows, on earth and the galaxy, that’s all I ask.


I just hope that nobody starts on the Vogon poetry…

VB3fx problem - no input channels after save - SOLVED

Oh I know, it’s the 3rd worst poetry.


Vintage Keyboard Bundle & Hybrid Tools Neo
Sep 18, 2017
8Dio has announced the release of Hammond Vintage Organ, a Studio Vintage Series instrument for Kontakt that offers a faithful representation of a B2 – B3 Hybrid Hammond Organ.


Huh. My experience with 8Dio is that generally it’s poor stuff but of course I’ll check this out…