Organ Controller(s) Re-Channelizing Rack for Solo or Performer

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This is a rack that works with Performer OR Solo that takes as input any keyboard controller and sends that to one of the input channels of a typical B3 organ simulation (usually Ch-1 going to the upper manual, Ch-2 going to the lower manual, and Ch-3 going to the pedals).

This has several variations, like whether you include the black preset-changing keys or not, and a few transpositions for the upper manual and pedals (since the video was made, I added the pedal transpositions.) See the video below for explanations and demos.

Let me know if you would like any changes to be made and I’ll add them and re-upload the file.

Organ Re-channelizing Rack.cantabileRack (36.2 KB)


@Corky - I definitely want feedback from you and a mention in the massive Organ thread!!! :wink:


Really like this Terry. It is definitely something I’ve been meaning to do on my single keyboard rig!!

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