Order in dialog "Add Songs to Set List"

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Hello there
This is my first post. I greet all the members of the forum.

I use C3 Performer weekly on Sundays and this program gives me the speed I need to improvise new lists. I find a problem with the interface that may be solved in future versions. (Here is the suggestion) :wink:

In the “Add Songs to Set List” dialog box the songs are arranged as follows:
A1 A10 A11 A12 A13 … A18 A19 A2 A20 A21

However, by pressing the “Browse …” button that opens the windows explorer, the order of the songs is shown more logically:
A1 A2 A3 A4 … A8 A9 A10 A11 A12

Can the “Add Songs to Set List” be sorted in a similar way to the browser?
The other option (poorer) would be to rename A01 A02 A03 … but I would like to avoid it.


What you are seeing is a feature in recent versions of Windows (since Windows 7 I think) where Windows Explorer will order the filenames in this “logical” sequence IF a group of the files contain numbers in the name.

https://superuser.com/questions/415629/sort-order-in-windows-explorer is a page that discusses this.

I imagine that this is a fairly complex algorithm to group all the appropriate files together when doing this sort. In any case, the songs are being shown in alphabetical order.

Not saying @brad couldn’t provide this as an option, but I would be in the camp that expects “A10” < “A2”.

Programming this is complex. I understand. :wink: Thanks for the clarification on that specific feature of windows. It is very interesting. Sometimes we live with aspects that go unnoticed but make our life easy.

I have found this way of sorting in other programs, like Microsoft Word, which offers selectable sort types and some match this criteria:
By number - A1 A10 A19 A2 A20
By date - A1 A2 A10 A19 A20
By text - A1 A2 A10 A19 A20

Another option: click and drag from the windows browser to Set List. :thinking:

Thanks for suggesting this.

This is actually fairly easy to add, but I don’t want to make it a configurable option - it should just do something sensible by default and I think you’re right: the numerical order probably makes more sense most of the time.

@Roland_Robertson… is there any reason why I shouldn’t change this, besides someone expecting “A10” < “A2”. Are there cases where the numerical ordering would be bad?

I think @Roland_Robertson points to the difficulty of logic in programming this order. I think he also prefers the numerical order. Yes?

The configurable option never crossed my mind. I just put it as an example. But numeric don´t solve my problem.


That’s not a problem - it’s pretty easy to code this.

By numeric, I mean the order you asked for: A1 A2 A3 A4 … A8 A9 A10 A11 A12


You could maybe just name them A01, A02, A03,…

just an idea


A10 is < A2. Please, please don’t change this behaviour!!!

As above, it is simple to rename to A01, A02… and much more logical.

Depends who you ask.

What are some real world examples where the numerical sorted would be problematic?

Excuse me, I messed with the Microsoft Word “by number” order

Thanks. I contemplated it in my first post

I can not think of anything :thinking:

I actually don’t have a strong preference either way. I don’t name my songs like this but would quickly adapt to any reasonable ordering, so I take back my suggestion that this be configurable.

I didn’t realize it would be easy. I had simply remembered that debate among programmers several years ago.

How about BPM120… BPM89…?

I’m not saying it’s a big deal, but the standard Windows sort order is fine - any app that bucks that standard needs a darn good reason IMHO.

@The_Elf, you’re confusing me. You’re saying not to change it but then providing arguments why I should:

Shouldn’t BPM89 should come first if sorting lowest to highest?

Windows sorts like this:

Which I think makes more sense than this:


Adding my 2p.
A2 < A10 in my opinion.

It really frustrates me when the files get ordered 1, 10, 2, 3, 4…

I don’t think everyone can be expected to pad the numbers from the start and even if they do start with 01, 02 but then get to 100 they’ll have to rename all the preceding 99 files to add an extra 0 in front.


Thanks for the clarification. Having the example goes a long way to clearing up any confusion that anyone may (or may not) be having.

And for the record, while I still don’t have a strong preference, I am now leaning toward the “A2 < A10” camp like in the Windows screenshot.

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