Option to only pre-load racks, not songs

I had a user report unexpected behaviour of switching between songs and expecting the song to be reset to it’s on-disk state. Normally it would but with set list pre-loading the song is kept in memory and to re-load from disk defeats the purpose of set list preloading.

It got me wondering whether it would be worth having an option to only pre-load racks and to always re-load songs. In fact should it even be an option? What if only racks were pre-loaded - would this be a better model?


The [quote=“brad, post:1, topic:318”]
What if only racks were pre-loaded - would this be a better model?

Sounds like a good model to me. The majority of the data that would slow down switching would normally be in the racks. But what about songs that use no racks?

Brad, I think the thread title should express what’s the problem you’re trying to solve to get more feedback.

What I find not very obvious is that - with set list preloading - changes you make to the song WILL be there when you next load it despite saying No in save dialog.

Currently you need to reload the set list to get the original songs. I’d say many users even don’t know about it. I discovered it coincidentally because my live transpose changes weren’t returning back after song reload which scared me a bit.

Do we need Save - Yes / No / Discard?

IMHO the options in the dialog and in global behavior settings should be (I don’t care about naming):

  1. Save to disk
  2. Keep in memory (next time the song is loaded, it will include temporary changes)
  3. Reload from disk (next time the song is loaded I get what’s on the disk)
  • means to reload plugin presets and song settings

Which brings another question to my mind:
When are changes made to the plugin saved? How it works with real vs. pseudo presets? Do I have to save rack or song or is it saved immediately?