Opinions on Arturia Softsynths?


Just picking up the bits of this thread about the CS80, I see there’s a new CS80 plugin out called Arminator. It sounds quite good from the demo (I haven’t tried it yet).



Wow, pretty authentic sounding! I’m going to try that. Amazing what people have developed as free plugs. This sounds like it might be pretty sweet as well:



Yes, that free CS80 emulation sounds amazing. :slight_smile:


I’ve always had this idea of trying to do a project with nothing but free stuff. It’s all getting better and better. Unfortunately, piano and organ is where that all falls on its face…


But it’s 32bit only :frowning:


JBridge is your friend :smiley:


Hm, I own jBridge but is it really not causing any stability issues?


None for me… works like a charm. I haven’t tried Arminator yet though. (What is up with that name anyway? I don’t get it.)


Yes, a small shame, but that’s what JBridge is for. :slight_smile:

I have the same problem with Cubase 9, since it has gone 64 bit only. Whilst most of my plugins are 64 bit, there are a few that are not (including Steinberg ones that I paid good money for!). JBridge seems to be better and more stable than Steinbergs old native bridge!


“The free virtual instrument is an emulation of the Yamaha CS-80 synthesizer and has been released as a tribute to sound designer Armin Kujashi. Armin decided to contribute with a Vangelis inspired soundbank (128 patches) for this new synth.”

Source: http://www.flstudiomusic.com/2017/06/krakli-plugins-arminator-free-vst-instrument-synthesizer.html


I’ve been playing with Arminator this evening, and it’s a nice little plugin with some good analogue sounds, and stunning that it’s free. I would say it’s not quite as authentic as Arturia CS-80v, particularly in that it doesn’t model the original architecture/controls quite so closely (for example each oscillator has a separate glide control, no brilliance controls, and has built-in “bit crusher” effect). But a great additional tool for your armoury of sounds.



I’ve been noodling with the Arminator andI absolutely love it. I think I like it more than the Arturia!
My Elka MK88 has Poly AT and it works just beautifully with this thing. It was always that combination of LPF/HPF under Poly AT which gave the CS-80 its mojo, and this thing, along with all the midi control one gets of balance between the various sections makes it one of the most satisfying instruments to play since… the CS-80! :slight_smile:
Some of the programming is a little crude, with way too much action at the bottom of some sliders, and as the interface is a little cramped, you have to be careful dialing stuff in. A few controllers and parameter taming, courtesy of Cantabile, and it really captures the soul of the original, while bringing its own ‘thing’. It’s more of a tribute than a copy.
If Ian does 64 bit version with a couple of important enhancements, such as Poly AT to the LFOs, and the keyboard control to filter/amp that the CS-80 had, it will be a real contender.


Arturia V Collection is now on sale for €199. I’m just wondering if I should go ahead and buy it? I must that I do like the very lean Analog Lab version that came free with my Keylab mkii. How playable are these synths in a live situation?


We were discussing this 2 weeks ago. @Howifeel was asking mostly the same thing. Read thru this area…

Building a new rig -- RAM thoughts

Basically, Analog Lab is leaner on cpu, but leaner on programming. I find most everything I need in the Lab. Some 6500 presets from all the instruments. Works very well live. Most of the synths sound great…B3 terrible…Piano and
E Pianos…not my favorite.


Thanks @Corky. I’ll take a look at the other thread


Did they fix the issues with touchscreens? A year ago I installed the arturia-plugins and then I realized I’m not able to control them because non of them worked with touchscreens…


I immediately loved Arturia after I bought it. The mistake I made was messing with each synth individually. It became a programming god when I discovered analog lab was all I needed to load to access a Vox intro for “Can’t get enough of you baby” on one song, Oberheim for “What have you done for me lately” for the next with a simple C3 program change. Piano is actually okay. B3 is a hell no. All accessable and customizable from that single interface using only 1 C3 slot. I love this thing. Hours and hours of fun, and when the band is looking for a certain sound, I can easily call it up. The patch organization in analog lab is stunning.


I’ve started really kind of digging the piano. I like the jazz piano sound.


Yes. I like that one. The best thing is the clarity and the roll off of the lows (eq). Sits well in a band mix. Not having to open another program for piano is a good thing. My band requires a lot of diverse classic sounds, and this seamlessly switches between them. The A200 and Rhodes don’t meet the NI standard, though.


Like Sitar and a Theremin ? :smile::smile::smile: