Opening Cantabile without good soundcard?

Hi everyone !

I am new Here. I fell in love with Cantabile to play my favorite plugins with my 88 Keys keyboard 1 (mainly for pianos) and my 49 Keys keyboard 2 (mainly for B3 organ). Moreover I finally managed to trigger samples with 2 Behringer Fcb1010 midi controllers (1 when I play guitars, the other when I play Keys).

Just a very STUPID question : Do I always need to link my Rme Babyface Pro when I launch Cantabile ? Because some work can be achieved without sound : editing lyrics for instance or renaming parts…

Is there a risk to work on Cantabile songs without the audio device set in the preferences menu connected ?

Thanks by avance.

No risk. I work on Cantabile many nights without an audio interface. If I need sound, I use Asio4All as my driver, and my laptop audio out. I usually work with a mini key controller in those times. Much easier than setting up the full rig. Just change the Rme driver to the Asio driver in the tools,options, audio engine section.

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Perfect, thanks very much Corky

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Hi Janot,

What @Corky said plus you can set the Audio driver to the ‘Null Audio’ setting in the Engine configuration as well when working this way. It stops the nag screens when it can’t find a device.