Open Plugin Editor on Song State load

Is there any way to make the Plugin Editor appear when a song state is loaded? For example, say I’ve got song states for Piano and Organ; when I go to the Piano state, the Plugin Editor for the piano VST opens while the Plugin Editor for the organ VST closes and vice versa. Opening the Plugin Editor, moving it to the desired position on screen, then updating/saving the state has no effect.

I’ve accidentally done this loads of times, always having to close a persistent Plugin Editor window when certain states loaded, but now I’d actually like the Plugin Editor window to appear.

If you open the plugin editor, and save the rack in that state, it will open every time on song load. (be sure to unlock the states 1st if you have them locked)
I will forget many times to close the editor when I save, and I will open the song later, and the editor will load, which tends to infuriate me. In the custom buttons on the bottom of Cantabile, I have a button to toggle the plugin GUI if I ever need to see the GUI. I have a binding to it with a button on my keyboard.

BTW…pretty sure you can use a binding to load the editor when song is loaded. Haven’t tried it for lack of need. I do use a binding to load a tuner plugin on song load, for when I am playing guitar. Makes it easy to do a quick tuning.

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As Corky said you can use bindings. The example below shows some bindings that switch the Gui of choice on with Song State changes and automatically closes them on the song unload part of any song state change.

Hope this adds to the discourse. :slight_smile:




That did it. Thank you! Only shortcoming is the plugin editor windows don’t retain their position onscreen after closing and reopening Cantabile, but once I drag them to the right place (in front of unused Show Notes area), they remain in place until I close the application.

Saving the rack state (even when unlocked) didn’t work for me, but the solution below from Dave did the trick. Bindings to open the GUI editor.

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