Ooops ! What an idiot!

Well…I really screwed up my C3. I was playing with a tablet as a second screen. It was working great…but I got carried away when deselecting views, and this is what I now have:

I cannot get to my main bar for files or view etc. All I can use is what is displayed. Resizing with the mouse only moves the panel sizes. Rebooting C3 doesn’t change it…neither does reloading C3.

HELP !! :astonished: Looking for keyboard commands for a solution,

Alt + V will open the View menu that’s hidden for you to fix it in the view window!

Yay !! Thanks Dave! I never use the commands. Guess I need to start, eh?

No sweat have a good one Corky! :smile:

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Not that it helps this time, but this has come up a few times now and the later experimental builds now show a message the first time explaining how to undo the damage.