One way to get good bass tracks

I just wanted to share a simple way of getting decent bass guitar tracks, I use midi tracks and years ago played bass in a professional band. So I put the midi bass track through scarbee pre-bass and then through guitar rig 5 using the bass pro amp in there, pleasantly surprised with the results, sound was close to running it through my portaflex 500

Hi Douglas

I also play bass (along with all the other instruments I delve in), and while laying down a bass part at a local studio, I tried playing my Bass into EZ Bass, which rendered a midi track. I then used EZ Bass as a Bass selector, an amp selector, a string type, Attack, EQ, FX, compressors and so on. Everything in one package. I was very impressed at the realism. Scarbee had a quite good Bass vst 15 years ago, but nothing like the EZ. Very Professional. It is a game changer for sure. Just thought I would toss that to you. Glad you are getting good results with Scarbee.



FWIW, my jaw dropped when I tracked my old SansAmp Bass DI and ran it thru some Bergantino cab IRs I bought from Celestion’s site a couple of weeks ago. I was not expecting anything close to what I got out of it. Chain was Marshal ED-1 > BassDI > IRs. Of course bass styles are as vast as guitar styles, so ymmv.

I’ve been looking at other bass vsts but already had the Scarbee and Guitar rig, but not the cash for ez bass, though I’ve listened to the sound of it on the net and it does sound quite good.