Omnisphere 2/Keyscape issue on switching songs

we’ll see … :roll_eyes:

Hey Brad, thanks for the update! Do you still have key scales loaded to test whether or not preloaded setlists would work?

I’m wondering because I remember keyscapes having issues loading the samples when the setlist first loaded.

I haven’t tried with preloaded set lists. I’ll take a look at it when I get a chance.

Just FYI, I also see this problem – only with Keyscape, not Omnisphere – and I do use the Set Pre-loading feature in Cantabile.

As others have noticed, It only happens when I have multiple songs in the set that use Keyscape (each one in a separate rack) but with other songs between the 2 that use Keyscape. It doesn’t seem to happen every time, but enough that it causes some stress during a live performance.

I hope Spectrasonics comes us with a solution; I may need to resort to some workaround.

Just out of interest, are you using Keyscape as an Omnisphere expansion, or standalone? WHat happens if you just access those sounds within Omnisphere?

do you mean that, even with Pre-Loaded Setlist, Keyscape does not work??? I thought Performer could fix the problem, so even this… it’s a shame spectrasonics

Having the same Problem with Keyscape (no OmniSphere) and hating it :frowning:
In my Setup, if I load a Song with Keyscape in it, it loads just fine. If i directly switch to another Song using Keyscape, samples dont load. For now i try to use a different VST every other Song or put an empty Song between two Keyscape Songs to forcefully kill and reload it, wich is really annoying and time consuming. Would it be possible to implement a simple Hack that just hard reloads Keyscape between Songs until Specrasonics fixes it? That would help a lot in the meantime!

I hadn’t tried accessing the Keyscape sounds with Omnisphere, but it does make sense because I haven’t experienced a similar problem with Omnisphere, and I use it extensively. I will explore this option. (Of course this doesn’t help those people who own Keyscape but not the full Omnisphere product.)

No, it definitely doesn’t excuse the bug but hopefully it’s a workaround. It does beg the question, what is going on in KS that isn’t in Omni. I would assume they’re built on the same engine. I wonder if Trillian has the same problem? The two programs seem to have the same basic stuff happening under the hood, so to speak.

I got the same problem on Keyscape and Omnisphere 2. Always unable to load the sounds inside the vst after switching song (usually the first instance only change sound, the others - from 2nd to last - don’t load sound… This might be useful to understand something???).

IMHO we must send a mass reclaim to spectrasonics. I wrote them, but they ignored me. If we write together, maybe…

OK… so that is weird, somehow it’s related to the patches themselves apparently. There must be some architecture about a Keyscape patch independent of what it loads into.

This is a shame, because I really like everything about the sound engine and the soundsources within Omnisphere and Keyscape. They got that part right!

Maybe the reason that I haven’t seen the issue with Omnisphere is that I don’t use it efficiently within Cantabile (yet). I have up to 10-15 Racks that contain an Omnisphere instance within a Pre-Loaded SetList, and I don’t use Rack States or any other process to re-use the same instance of Omnisphere. So I’m never trying to load new soundsources into that instance.

Same for me- maybe in this case inefficient is the way to go! And I don’t use Keyscape live- it’s just too large and resource-intensive.

already gave up guys? :smiley: come on, this needs to be fixed…

To anyone who’s experiencing the problem with Keyscape/Omnisphere going silent after song/patch switching, here’s the latest from spectrasonics:

I have forwarded this to our development team to look into. As of now, this issue is on their radar and they are looking into it. In the mean-time, if you have any customers reach out to you regarding this specific issue – please have them contact us directly via email as that will be helpful regarding this case.

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hi there, thanks brad for your work, I read the answer from spectrasonics. hoping they will fix this soon.

but in the meantime, I experienced the issue of Omnisphere 2 not saving patches and multis. I lost the thread where we spoke about it on this forum, so I’m asking it here. does anybody still have this problem?

if I’m only saving MULTIS and SONGS, when I reopen the song, Omnisphere will not load multi correctly. and I loose patches.

I have to save every patch, then save multi and then songs, to be able to reopen multi correctly.

do you have this?

What I’ve noticed in Omnisphere is that the gain levels of individual patches within multis are not saved. If I set the individual gain levels, that works for the current session only, but the next time I open the song (or rack), all gain levels are reset. When I open Omnisphere, the gain levels are in the positions I set them, but still they all sound equally loud. Am I overlooking something here?

Have you reported these issues to Spectrasonics?

Bumping this issue with Omnisphere, as it is plaguing me again. One new thing I noticed is that problem seems to occur on patches where the soundsource(s) are samples (as opposed to synth waveforms).
Since Spectrasonics does not seem to have this issue very high on their list, can anyone think of a workaround (maybe a binding or trigger) that would force the patch to be reloaded on song start?

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I still have this problem, sadly in this moment Keyscape and Omni are unuseable with Cantabile. The workaround for me is either loading different instances of Keyscape in the same song or changing multi directly from Omni.

Or using other software