Old versions still all that are showing at KVR

The KVR page needs updating! http://www.kvraudio.com/product/cantabile-by-topten-software

I’m going to work up a review of Canabile 3 to put up there. I’ll post when I get it done!


Hi Terry,

I think the kvr page is not supported by Brad anymore. At least that’s what i remember reading somewhere along the way…


Yeah Dave I agree…I think it is mostly Trello now

Well, we can all post some good stuff at the forum where the V3 release is announced at least. Here’s my offering!


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Still, that first link is the product page - it should have the latest info there.

Hi Terry,

Read your offering and must say, well done, if I hadn’t already bought in I would have wanted to afterwards. Thanks for spreading the word. :smiley:

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So you didn’t get the magic 5000th review then :wink:

Thanks all for the support - means alot.

I don’t frequent kvr very often for reasons I don’t want to go into, but I will go in and fix up the product page.

I might also respond to some of the comments in the linked topic - some things stated are simply not true.