Ok no laughing, I'm serious lol. Do you think C3 / vst's can run on an Atom processor?

I saw this on IndieGoGo and got curious. Screen’s kind of small, but maybe I can connect it to my Dell Micro LCD projector and shine it on my lead singers back…hes pretty stout lol.

Could it work?

Thinking outside the (tiny) box.

Thanks for your input! :smiley:

Sure? I don’t see why not- you’d have to be very judicious about what VSTs you ran (and how many) but I think you could get away with a lean basic rig. Does it say exactly what the processor specs are??

heres the base specs for $160.00.

can configure up to .5TB static drive.
I just dont know Atom stuff…only have early i5 and i7 machines.
Do you think it would perform? thats decent RAM.

Battery life? I would need a telescope to see the screen :laughing:

Oh, 6 hrs battery. not bad.

Yeah, the Atom is a wildcard, I just don’t know. The laptop I’m typing on know used to be my DAW and it’s a Celeron 1.8Mhz with 8Gb RAM and it did ok. I ran VB3, Atmosphere, Kontakt and Addictive Keys on it with 4 or 5 plugs open at the same time (NOT a lot of effects though). So how does an Atom compare to an old Celeron… (probably not badly).

According to this article, looks like the news could be pretty good:

Here would be the spoiler for me…

Risk & Crowdfunding: The payment you are about to make is a contribution to the campaign and not a direct purchase. Indiegogo does not guarantee that the perks offered by the campaigner will be produced or delivered.

I went ahead and pledged for one a couple weeks ago, specifically with Cantabile in mind. If it is a real product and they send one to me in September I will probably only run lighter VSTs like Pianoteq. They’ve met a few “Stretch Goals” and so now the specs have been upped a bit: M3-7Y30 and 16GB RAM. We’ll see what happens.

BTW, I also backed the Jamstik 12 on Indiegogo, looks to be a safer bet since they already have products on the market.

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I’m wondering if the Cantabile sticker is too big to fit on the back of this thing? Can’t wait to post pictures in the “Show me your Cantabile rig” forum.


Well, if they don’t deliver you don’t get charged, do you?

When you give them money, it is an investment. The item is a perk. So, no…they don’t have to deliver. Nothing is guaranteed. Go to site and pretend to give the money. Then read the fine print.

Ah… all of these stupid crowdfunding sites operate by different rules… I’m used to the Kickstarter model…

Gearbest also has some.
I’m just not sure it’s that much of quality.
I had 2 of them, they do the job but don’t expect to much.

I’m not too worried about it. I put in a little less than $250: computer, Android upgrade, extra battery, and 512 ssd. If it comes through it will be as powerful as the laptop I’ve been using for live performance. If it doesn’t I’m out the price of a nice VST synth.

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