Official Cantabile Stream Deck Plugin Now Available

Hi kx3

I have seen or heard of any issues in the area so not sure what it might be off hand. Can you explain in more detail what’s going wrong here.


The Cantabile profile crashes if I close Cantabile. When I relaunch C4, StreamDeck behaves erraticaly.
For example, I closed C4 and after relaunch, only Play Pause and Stop button are working on the default Cantabile Profile. All other buttons Don’t. Sometimes some button are working for a short moment then nothing…

To reproduce the problem,
I close C4, StreamDeck app and Streamdeck background process.
After that, Cantabile Profile won’t work until I reboot the computer.

I tried the Debugging mode but I can’t access http://localhost:23654/ even with the firewall turned OFF.

Same behaviour occurs with both SremDeck and StreamDeck XL.

What version of the Stream Deck app are you running?
What build of Cantabile are you running?

Cantabile 4 Build 4041

download v4046

I am happy to report that I finally got a chance to install the StreamDeck plugin and mess with it with Cantabile 4. What a total blessing! Everything is working as expected and I am buying Velcro for my master keyboard to plaster this StreamDeck thing on top of it permanently right now! :slight_smile:

(The Velcro was a great idea, @The_Elf - post more of your handy dandy uses for StreamDeck!)

In fact, features I’ve often let go to waste in Cantabile like Transpose and “Show Notes” Mode are also (at last) being USED here! Well, I’m slow.


I can relate to that!!

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Glad to see others beginning to enter the fold! :grin:

I know I’ve waxed lyrical about this development, but it really is that good. Until you try it for yourself it’s probably hard to appreciate why I’m so enthusiastic.

Happy to share my other uses for Stream Deck, but the beauty of it is that it can be anything to anyone. I’ve mentioned a few of my uses (it amuses me when jaws drop as I change the studio lighting colour!). The ones I probably use most are simply the ‘open a folder’ and ‘copy a file to a folder’ buttons. In the latter instance I create a multi-line button that copies the currently selected file(s) to a specific location - in my case this is used to copy to my Dropbox ‘Mixes’ folder for playing in the car. I find I need to add a small delay between the commands to ensure it works properly.


One thing I’ve noticed is that in the Cantabile pages there is no “Switch Profile” button, and also that if you add one to the third page of Cantabile’s main profile, you end up stuck in the Songs or States pages, to which one cannot add a “Switch Profile” button. Any workaround for that?

[EDIT - oh duh! I forgot that you can set where the “Switch Profile” button will take you - I had it set to the default of “Next Profile” but you needn’t do that. I have it now go from Cantabile to the Applications profile I’d set up (my default profile).]


I am anxious to mess around with the MIDI button!!! :slight_smile:


On my default Applications page, Cantabile lives smack dab in the center.
I just replaced the “Open” button from the System section with a “Multi Action” instead. To that, I dragged in an “Open” item to open Cantabile, and a “Switch Profile” item with the Cantabile profile chosen.

Now when I press that button it opens Cantabile and switches to the Cantabile profile at the same time.

I feel so smart today!


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You don’t need to do that. Simply set the Profile to be associated with Cantabile and it will switch the profile for you automatically.


I feel so much smarter today!!! :stuck_out_tongue:

I’d forgotten that in the settings you can associate a profile with an application. Thanks for the reminder!

Clearly, I have to dust this Stream Deck thingy off and really get back to knowing how it works!


I found that I needed to come up with a ‘standard’ for my Profiles…

The way I do it is to have the top left button always take me to my ‘Home’ Profile.

The next button along is allocated as my ‘Page Left’ button, but on the first page of every Profile (where a ‘Page Left’ is obviously not required) it opens the associated application.

The next button is my ‘Page Right’ button.

My top right button is my clock (if required).

In this way the top line of my Stream Deck becomes my ‘admin’, then all other buttons are for functions/actions.

This is just the way I like to do it, but I do feel that some sort of ‘standard’ helps muscle memory.

I try to keep similar functions in similar places. Volume up/down controls, for instance are typically stacked vertically at bottom right.

Actually, the Multi-Action serves a purpose as well (but you lose the Cantabile logo) - with an association it only pulls the profile up when starting the program. If you switch profiles and want to get back, pushing the Cantabile open button again does not return you to the Cantabile profile, while with the Multi Action approach it does.

So, I’m returning to the Multi Action approach.


I can return to my Cantabile profile any time, whether the application is running or not. My ‘Home’ Profile has jump links (and only jump links) to every other Profile (it does not execute applications itself), so I go back there (one button - top left) and just select the Cantabile Profile again.

In other words, I choose a Profile, then open the application (second button, top left) from that Profile. I don’t allow any application to be opened directly from my ‘Home’ Profile.

This is all part of my Stream Deck ‘standard’. :nerd_face:

Oh, and you can allocate any icon you like to any button, including multi-lines. I made a collection of all the useful ones!

As an example, here are my ‘Home’ Profile:
Home Page

And my Cantabile Page 1:
Cantabile 1

You can see that Cantabile is not running yet, as the icons are greyed.

When I hit the ‘Open Cantabile’ button the Profile buttons activate:
Cantabile 1 run

(The 31-34 buttons are my ‘cue’ indicators)


Where i can find the three Profiles from Brad?

When you install the plug-in, at the end of the installation you will be asked if you want to also install Brad’s Profiles.

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My StreamDeck is arriving tomorrow. To say I’m excited would be an understatement!! I must say, it’s great seeing these button layouts, for ideas. Thanks @The_Elf !