Off-topic: avoiding Pedal Creep

Just wanted to share my latest experiment:

In years of chasing my sustain pedals underneath my rig, I’ve tried multiple solutions to this problem: the classic “gaffa-tape-it-to-the-ground” approach (not very stable), shlepping along a drummer carpet (only to find that they’ll walk around happily on that), glueing velcro to the bottom to stick them to the carpet (with predictable effect on the carpet surface), mounting them on a board and shlepping that along, etc etc.

Now, inspired by a Roland sustain pedal with a kind of rubber lip underneath it, I’ve tried a new approach: I’ve glued a mat of cellular rubber underneath my pedals that extends beyond the pedal footprint all the way underneath my foot. This way, my foot keeps the pedal close instead of kicking it away. Still, the mat is small enough for easy transport - just flip it over the top of the pedal. Plus, cellular rubber is pretty non-slip - this will help avoiding the whole construction sliding on wood or stone floors.

Looks like this:

Folded up, it doesn’t get in the way:

Feels extremely good so far - I’ll find out about durability over the next months, but cellular rubber is cheap enough - once it wears off, I’ll simply tear it off and glue on a new sheet.

No more pedal excursions!




That looks good - please report back to let us know how it stands up after a few months of use! :slight_smile:

I’d be interested in solutions for smaller individual footswitches, such as Boss FS5U. I generally end up gaffer-taping the cable to the stage, I don’t really like it…


The good thing about using a Roland FC300 is it doesn’t move much. Of course you need to keep the obligatory beer mats in your gig box to act as shims for floor levelling in some places! :slight_smile:

I always learn something from @Torsten’s posts. I just didn’t think it would be about cellular rubber. :thinking: But, great idea!

We have that problem at the studio. Had a guy in yesterday playing a demo for us and I told him to hold on, I’d get something to put behind the pedal. He said nah, I just turn it sideways. It was kind of an “aha” moment…

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Difficult with a double pedal :rofl:

So don’t use that :yum: