Odd pitch shifts

I have a simple setup - NI S61mk2 keys going into Fractal FM9 out to PA.
I had a couple of issues with songs changing pitch on startup, not while playing, both songs had 2 plug-ins.
The first one was 2 plug-ins layered, it was in between 1 and 2 steps up. I fixed it by restarting everything.
2nd was 2 plug-ins with split keys, it was 1 step up that I transposed down to work.
Only midi routes are transposed. Ignore Global Transpose is checked.
Should I have the 2 routes in each song on different channels?
The restart fix kinda threw me for what the issue is.
Thx Will

Sounds like a controller problem. You might try wiggling the pitch wheel on your controller to see if that restores normal pitch – sometimes they get hung up on a non-zero value. (My Roland controller has a similar problem - i ended up putting a MIDI filter on the port in Cantabile to suppress pitch bend.)

  • Jimbo

Good point, I didn’t think of the controller. I did change the pitch bend from the wheel to the ribbon to see if I’d use it more.
The suppress everything but notes thing will need bindings to replace the CC’s I have on the controller knobs/buttons now I’m guessing…more reading.
Thx Will

Jimbo, you’re a genius.
Thank you, it was the wheel.