Odd behaviour clocking from Cubase to Cantabile

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I sent MIDI clock from Cubase to Cantabile. Though Cubase was running at 120BPM, Cantabile was showing 230BPM and seemed to be running at double the speed of Cubase.

Anyone know what’s going on?


I’ve not heard of this before. Were you using an unusual time signature by any chance? If so, does the same happen if you switch back to say 4/4?



Just 4/4. Nothing weird at all.

I was doing this out in the field - I’m going to to try it back at base and see if the same happens here.


Works fine back in the studio. Hmm…

I just wondered if it was a common problem - maybe some sort of clock division quirk between Cubase and Cantabile.

We were running some quick tests in rehearsal, in preparation for syncing our two Cantabile laptops. The hardware is completely different there. I’m suspicious of the XR18’s MIDI ports now.

I need to do more work on this one and see if it happens again.


My friend’s poltergeist used to do things like that to him.

Fortunately, I do not have onnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnne. (hmmm…)



The tempo detection is based purely on the received speed of the MIDI clock events… so if it’s showing double, it must be sending them at twice the rate.


Sussed this. Looks like the Roland System 8 was sending additional clock data via Cubase’s ‘All MIDI Inputs’. All is well.