Odd behavior with rack gain

Last night at band practice I noticed something very odd. I moved the output gain slider to increase the output gain of a rack from zero to +5db. I selected “save all” from the file menu. Rack was active. We started the song and after I played for about 10 seconds, the output gain slider snapped back to zero.

I’ve never had anything like this happen. Thoughts?

Just out of the blue? My initial guess would be a binding receiving a MIDI event and hitting that slider.

Did the slider actually move on-screen, or did the rack just go silent, or both. If the slider actually moved and it went silent that’s a pretty strong indicator something is deliberately changing the gain.

The slider moved back to zero as I was watching the screen while playing, then stopped. The rack did not go silent. I was playing the keys; didn’t touch any pedals, knobs or sliders.

hrm that’s very weird. I’m not sure what to suggest except keep and eye on it and let me know if it happens again - perhaps try to reproduce it.

Yes, very strange. Hasn’t happened again. Might call a priest…:wink: