Odd behavior - VSTi won't revert to saved Rack State


I turn on my gig machine, and open C3. I select a song from a setlist full of songs where everything is already saved. I open a VSTi (in this case S-Gear) in a saved song, and using the plug’s control I simply advance to another preset. But I don’t save anything, and simply switch to another song. Yet when I go back to the song the preset is still changed. In fact, it shows the correct preset as being selected in the rack, even though it’s not. Switching to other songs or even a setlist doesn’t help… the only thing that works is to close C3 and reopen it, and then everything appears as it should. I do have Preload Set List turned on… but this seems to be occurring at the song level. Any ideas on what I’m doing wrong or what’s going on here?

I don’t have any of the save settings turned on in Options, I always save everything manually, the Plug’s correct saved preset was already saved as a State in the rack, the rack was saved, the song was saved with all states/parts. And when I finish building a song and saving all that, I do a “save all” just to be sure.

And any song I try this on does the same thing. How do I “force” C3 to recall saved states in songs, without having to close it?



Did you lock the song states as well? In my case I’m using linked racks in different songs with different initial settings and it works just fine. But you have to make sure to set de right state behaviour. In the rack options of the rack to be used I’m selecting the option to let the parent song control the rack parameters. On the song state level I’m setting the rack state behaviour property “exported state”. Then I’m setting the correct parameters on state level. Finally I’m locking my song states, so changes I make on the fly are reverted when coming back to the song state later.



Aha… thanks! No, didn’t lock, and I’ll check those parameters. I’ll bet that’s the solution. Thanks Jan!