Octane haricane c1, Hardware cantabile with almost same LOGO

Found this ( Octave Technologies on the internet. It was on NAMM 2024. It’s a hardware vst host. It caught my attention because of there logo, its almost the same as cantabile. Coincidental ?

Looks like a wonderful fake, TBH - I could have knocked together this website in about half an hour. Pretty much zero substantial information in there… The high/low point is the completely useless video…

Yes that could be, but i found this on facebook, and it looks very reel.
It has a lot to do with neural amp modeler (for guitarist)


Oh, if it is on Facebook, it must certainly be true :rofl::rofl::rofl:

BTW: NAM (Neural Amp Modeler) is a software plugin - not sure what this has to do with this hardware project…

BTW2: the facebook link consistently refuses to open - “content not available”. Not really trust-building…

To be fair: Octave Technogies are listed on the official exhibitors list for NAMM, and there are some documents attached that show what looks like a real product prototype, not just a digital rendering…

Well the main reason I posted this because the use of the LOGO and the similarity of the product…

I think the links doesnt work because i am a member of Neural Amp Modeler (NAM). So the link only works for members Sorry about that.

Sure, understood!

Just couldn’t help picking up on the content of the website - it reads just like a scammer’s dream:

“Octave Technologies, led by Dr. Haris Sophocleous (Ph.D. in Electronic Music Composition), is revolutionising music tech”
Sure, a Ph.D in composition is really the key ingredient in driving a hardware revolution…

Our expert team in Creative Music Technology, Electronic Music Composition, Electrical Engineering and Programming ensures our solutions outshine the competition. Join us in reshaping the music industry.
Yes, sure… Claims like this (“outshine the competition”, “reshaping the industry”) without ANY facts to back them up don’t really make you credible…

… the very 1st ultra-portable, cost effective hardware VST host based on a x86-64 architecture that can load unlimited up-do-date VST2/VST3 protocol plugins
Of course: “unlimited” plugins…

Putting this in perspective, essentially, this beast is three things:

  • a Windows PC
  • an audio interface
  • a touchscreen
    All cleverly integrated in a box.

Looking at the screens displayed, this simply runs Windows 11 with REAPER as the audio app. Obviously running VST plugins should work in that setup. But clearly also not an unlimited number, as every Cantabile user knows…

Given the form factor, I guess there will be NUC technology underneath this - fundamentally a nice idea, but hardly a “revolution that outshines all competitors”. A laptop with a decent audio interface does everything this thingy does. But yes, the form factor is very interesting (as long as it doesn’t limit audio performance too much).

Should this actually reach market viability, I’d hope very much that the platform stays open (i.e. a Windows box that allows the user to freely install their stuff) - it could definitely be a very useful platform for running Cantabile. Slap this on your masterkeyboard (or guitar pedalboard) and you have a valid setup with a minimum of fiddling…

Yes that would be great.
Btw the guy behind this project is Haris Sophocleous

OK, on his facebook page, there is more stuff - looks like this is an actual (though very early stage) product. He hasn’t said anything about the technical specs, though - will be interesting to find out.

He actually recommended Cantabile as a host - so it seems that he won’t lock this down to a custom OS / application but simply provide this as a “special form factor” Windows machine.

So far so good. He’ll just need to tone down the rhetoric for my taste…

And he’ll have to buy @brad a beer for the blatant logo “inspiration”…

Their video is a gas. :rofl: :rofl:

There’s definitely a similarity to the logo, but not enough that anyone would confuse the two.

I knew from years they are similar :grin: but i’ve never thought Brad has created the logo similar intentionally. +1 for Brad :wink:

This is closer. Cover Band Central

Ah, nah - I was thinking of them as well, but it was because of the Facebook version of their logo …


I mean, NOW we’re talking.

2024 BGM NAMM show Award

Our product just won the BGM 2024 NAMM show award. Have a nice day :slight_smile:

Hey Haris,

good to have you on the forum - I read that you mentioned Cantabile as a good host to run on your device; we’ll work on getting you to switch from GigPerformer to Cantabile :wink: if you let us…

Regarding Haricane C1: congrats on the award by Bass Magazine. Given that your product is in a very early phase and barely out of the “wooden prototype” stage, I certainly wish you best of luck and success to make it to mass production - the product looks like a good option for an integrated Cantabile host.

Personally, I’d just wish you’d tone down the rhetoric a bit - the product is definitely a clever combination of PC, audio interface, touch screen and battery in a nice form factor - but claiming it will “reshape the industry” is a bit “too much” for my taste. Also claiming it will “outshine the competition” without providing ANY specs to compare this by is not an automatic success in this (still pretty nerdy) market of live vst users. Convince us with facts, not with rhetoric, please!

Also, your claim that you won the NAMM awards is slightly misleading IMHO. It suggests that you are on the list of the official “Best of Show” awards that are on the official NAMM website. Your company or product is not on the “Best of Show” list for NAMM 2024; neither is it on the TEC awards list of NAMM.

Instead, the link points to a specific “Best of NAMM” article of a magazine aimed at bass players, where the editor writes very nicely about Harican C1. Again, congrats on convincing Tom Bowlus, but to me, being on a specific magazine’s “Best of NAMM” list is something else than “winning the NAMM award”.

So by all means be enthusiastic about your product (that’s your job after all), but please keep it somewhat real - this would be my wish here. As a live VST user, all that matters is that I can trust that little device at the heart of my setup - big words won’t convince me here, but simple, solid specs and demonstrated reliable real-life performance.That’s all I’m asking!




I’ve adden BGM to the above to be clear of what I’m claiming. Sorry for the confusion.

‘we’ll work on getting you to switch from GigPerformer to Cantabile’.

We are not using GigPerformer as our main VST host, in fact the very 1st software I’ve tested on the device 3-4 years ago was Cantabile 2 (which I liked very much). We’ve also tested GigPerformer but also Element, PedalBoard 2, etc. as alternatives to paid software and that is the whole concept behind the device, freedom to choose any VST software (or DAW) you like and not being restricted to a certain setup.

I’ve been using an old Haricane prototype as my main VST live host for many years now (on both Cantabile and GigPerformer setups) and both have not failed me even once, so yes, I’m enthusiastic about it because I know its market potential and its disruptive capabilities and that is what everybody at the NAMM show agreed on. Just give us time time to convince you, we are a brand new company after all.

Also, we had a lot of software companies contacting us about incorporating their software in a future bundle with the device so if you are interested sent us an email at info@octavetech.eu and we’ll talk.

Have a great day