Nvidia update causing OSTIRUS to crash when opening GUI

Because I have a 4K 40" Vizio “TV” for mixing I have an Nvidia GT1030 video card. I just recently installed OSTIRUS from developer The Usual Suspects (DSP56300 emulation) and spent some time finding patches I might use in the future. In the middle of this project, I decided to update my video driver to test a 1440 display and when I went back to finish with OSTIRUS both VST2 and VST3 crash just after opening the GUI. I’m posting here (don’t think Cantabile is the issue) because I remember seeing something about changing a setting in Nvidia that helps with plugin crashing but I can’t find the info about it.

Thanks in advance if anyone has a lead on this.

UPDATE - confirmed it’s crashing the same way in Reaper and Cakewalk

Love the sounds - this project just went to public release April 2024. Since Viper now reads the Virus TI patches I think I might just go that route


I solved this problem by removing folders/files OsTirus or Access Virus related and starting over downloading the Usual Suspects emulator and downloading the firmware directly from Access Music’s website