Numeric shortcuts for rack states?

Hi @Brad, when navigating the state dropdown would it be possible to be able to type the number next to the state, press enter, and for it to select that state please? It would save a lot of “down arrowing” or clicking when going through lots of racks selecting states.

Or type the 1st letter and it jumps to the next state beginning with that letter.

Or a filtered list so that as you type it reduces down the options in view.

Basically anything to make it quicker selecting from the keyboard :slight_smile:

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I’ve made a small change for the next build. It’s not exactly what you asked for, but should help:

  • You can now use the quick controller to select rack states. ie: without opening the popup, just type the program number of the state you want and press enter and it’ll load it.


  • Fixed the rack state popup to show the rack state’s program numbers (not their index)
  • Update the parent rack song to show the rack states’ program number in the rack slot.



Thank you Brad. :slight_smile: