Numa Player - New Freebie VSTi from Studiologic

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Hi All,

New Freebie Standalone & VST3 Instrument from Studiologic. Acoustic & E Pianos, Clavs & mallet type. Strings and pads. Up to 4 layers of sounds.




Gaaaah - no VST for Windows, it appears. Hope they’ll provide that further down the road - currently pretty useless for me…

EDIT: OK, I stand corrected - looks like there is a VST3 plugin, after all :slight_smile:

Thanx for finding and sharing!



NOT (no VST for Windows) :wink:


Ahaaaaaa! Thanx for the correction - great news!


Great news, I will delete my post about stand alone only…(the installer makes no mention of VST).

OK, played with it a bit - nice for a free plugin, but won’t really make me throw out any of my go-to tools :wink: . But definitely nice to have if you just need something quick to sketch out an idea.

Two things I didn’t like:

  • it doesn’t play nice with HighDPI settings (pop-up menus get squeezed to the right or disappear altogether)
  • The piano has a horrible wobbly pedal noise that doesn’t disappear even with damper noise turned all the way down - oooogley…

But hey, it’s free - maybe I’ll just load it on my iPad for an absolute minimum setup with my Xkey



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That’s strange, I didn’t like the wobble sound either but was able to turn all the way off using the control …

Updated to 1.03


Added ASIO support for Windows.
Improved sound libraries.
Distortion and Compressor/Limiter FX now works as expected.
New Sound Control for the Pitch Tuning.
Receive MIDI CC 123 (Panic).
Drastically reduced memory allocation.
AudioUnit (AU) runs in Ableton.
Fixed import/export Programs in iOS/AUv3/AU/VST3.
Fixed VST3 plugin crash.
Minor UI tweaks.
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The pianos seem to sound better, but SL sure does like their sustain pedal noises. They are fixed volume level. Lower the volume of the piano with the vertical slider the left to zero, you still get 100% sustain pedal noises in all of their glory. :flushed: Take the volume to 100% and the pedal noises still are quite dominant. LOL, you even get them with the e-grand… And you cannot sustain without the noises…

Turn down here if you want it to go away.



Thanks for the correction, I was hoping I was missing something… But they do need to make those part of the volume level for the instrument.

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Agreed, their preset levels and the sound of the pedal noise suck. :slight_smile:

Thanks for the heads up!

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