Numa Compact 2x Midi Input Problems

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Hi all,
in Cantabile 3 and 4 x64.
Adding new Midi Input (NC2x and MidiNC2x) not working.
In any others daw/host/plugin this midi input works.
In Cantabilie, Midi monitor shows “NO ACTIVITY” (empty list in monitor) when I play keys or send program or channel change.
Any Suggests ?
Best Regards.

Hi Carlo and Welcome to the Forum!

I would advise you start in the options where you created the virtual MIDI port for your 2X. There you would set the physical port of the 2X to a Cantabile port. If you can post pictures of your port setup that would help too so we can see how you set it up.



Are you running bus powered? If so the 2x seems to be very demanding of power, even direct from usb port of at least one of my laptop’s. A good powered hub solved it for me.