NRPN Coarse and Fine in Bindings - how to use?

My Kawai K5000s has two switches that send NRPN values that I tried to use to test the NRPN bindings, but I could not get them to do anything.

99 =32
98 = 64 or 65, depending on the switch
6 = 0 or 127

I tried entering all these numbers into the NRPN coarse and fine entries in the Bindings section, but could not get any response. And it only allows a single entry, so I’m not sure what it is looking for. Any help here?



Dear Terry,

I already worked successfully with NRPN and Cantabile. You should try to use the “learn” function. This is how I assign the NRPNs to Cantabile.
BTW: Cantabile does NOT support NRPN-switches… just continuous controls f.e. you can not assign the rack-solo-button to a NRPN. It says “invalid binding”. I don’t know why @brad handles it like this. For me the option to have NRPN assign to switches would help a lot.

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Ah - well, I was indeed trying to get two switches to work, so I guess that is not supported. No big deal - they are very conveniently placed to the left of the key bed and I thought I might use them for state advancing. But I have plenty of other switches! :slight_smile:


Yes, but I don’t see a reason why the switch / button - function is only supported for control change-messages. Maybe brad can explain :wink:

No particular reason except it’s simply not implemented. :slight_smile:

Interested to hear if anyone else would find that useful.