Novation Remote MKII LED Rings Corresponding with C3 Pluginvolume?


i’d like to know if someone knows if its possible to have the volume showing up at the LED-Rings on the Novation Remote.

I’m searching for a solution to have the amount of volume visible and like to be able to change volume without playing catching games with faders.


Hi Odi,

In most cases it’s a matter of sending the value of the gain slider in Cantabile back to the samme CC number on the controller. In other cases there is a MIDI implementation chart to map the led rings. So from the Cantabile perspective you would have your MKII send a cc value on a given channel that moves a gain slider in Cantabile. You then also create a binding from that gain slider back to the MKII as the same CC number and it is used to light the rings. they then are in sync both directions, you change it in Cantabile and it changes the led ring and you change it on the controller and it changes the ring and the slider in C3 at the same time. I do it on the BCR2000 all the time. Hope this is what you were asking.



hi Dave,
thank you for your answer.
Exactly what i like to know.
Looks like thats not rocketsience :slight_smile:
I’m assuming if its working this way than motorfaders should work too?!
Thinking of Faderport 8 or Behringer X-touch


Hi Odi,

yes, they should track and auto locate as well.



Definitely working well with my Behringer BCF2000 motorized sliders. A super feature!



Here is a pic of my Background Rack settings for the two Behringer devices (FCB1010 and BCF2000).

In the BCF2000 there is a bunch of controller-switch entries where pushing a knob-switch resets all the volumes to default settings I’ve set up in here in advance.



Thank you Terry (again :slight_smile: )
Very helpfull.