Notes - $(FirstPluginProgramName) - Not Changing when Preset Changed

Hi folks… I’m building a song where I have built a load of patches in TH-U (an amp modeller/fx plugin) and stored each of these as a Cantabile Preset to facilitate switching patches using my MIDI Pedal (Line 6 FBV Express). The patch changes work fine but visually I have no sight of which patch I’m on so I was using the Notes ‘mark-up’ “$(FirstPluginProgramName)” which I’m sure did work but now it only shows the preset that I started on…

Am I missing something here? I’m guessing the Notes aren’t dynamic in that sense as if I switch the preset via a state change this works. I’m trying to avoid using states as I am using two states to switch between two loop machines (one a 4 Bar loop and the other a 5 bar loop) and it would be massively complex to build each state combination for each TH-U Preset and each loop machine (I have limited pedals)… Any ideas?

I hope this makes sense - this has befuddled my brain a little!

Hi Hunter

I also use TH-U and Line 6 FBV Express. Are you using it in racks? If you can possibly take a screenshot of what you have setup and post it, I might possibly be able to help you.



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Hey @Corky - thanks for the offer. Much appreciated. At the moment I’m not using any racks, just a monolithic setup. Its actually fairly basic at the moment as I want to figure this bit out before adding the rest. I was contemplating using racks (and using Rack states to switch patches rather than song states) so if this is what might be recommended happy to go with that or learn from how you set up…

Just to start, the FBV is set up to do the following;

Pedal B = Trigger Enso (basically a quantize record i.e. it starts on next measure and stops after x bars depending on the Looper routed)
Pedal A = Stop Enso
Pedal C = Next State
Pedal D = SSL Fade Out (all loops)
Toe Switch = Change TH-U Preset
Volume/Wah = TH-U Gain (Inverted so when I move to the Toe Switch to change patches I’m faded out)

So here is the first “state”:

I want to use it just to control the routing to the Looper (Enso) 4 or 5 Bar loop however at the moment, due to the issue of what is being presented in “Show Notes”, I am also switching TH-U Preset…

An example of the state to swith the routing

So in Live Mode I want to see the State & TH-U Preset however at the moment, as mentioned, the Note does not appear to be dynamic so when in the same Song State it doesn’t change if I switch preset within a Song State;

Hope that gives a better idea of how I currently have things setup (I also use a binding to bring up the loopers and SSL G comp in Live Mode)… As you can see I’m looking for a large “FLAG” to show me which TH-U Preset I’m on and which Looper is routed…

If you could share how you use this setup that would be great! Thanks again :slight_smile:

I tested it in a simple form and it works. The preset name changes in the note in the same song state when a preset change occurs. Does the problem persist even when you manually change the preset on the plugin slot? What switch makes the change? It should work IMO

Yea… It’s curious. When I first set it up it DID work but then stopped. I have tested using (both manually clicks and using bindings) ;

  • FBV Toeswitch
  • Preset in Cantabile Preset slot (on routing page)
  • And the actual ‘patch’ in TH-U

I have a feeling I may have inadvertently pressed a state button (deselecting a tick box somewhere?) or done something else but I have tried with a new song and still no joy (anymore). Would you mind sharing which Note mark-up you use and maybe your state options (presumably just for TH-U)? Thanks again… At least I know it wasn’t my imagination when it DID work!

Not sure if it would help I was just testing the simple function so I made a new song with one state, then added a vst organ with recognizable preset names and then made a note with the variable and observed the notes display when I made preset changes on the plugin.

notes syntax

screens from use preset 1

preset 2

What C3 version are using btw I an on 3637


Thanks @dave_dore - Hmm… I’ll give it another shot tonight. I’m on the latest stable build (as of last night). Not sure of the version number. I’ll feedback later but not overly sure what the issue is which is frustrating… Currently I’m just building a number of states with all the options but this kind of makes the performance I’m looking to do a little less flexible than I’d hoped… Thanks again!

Quick update. Opened up a fresh session of Cantabile (New Song) and added a single VST (Fabfilter One). Created two presets (although I’d expect this should work without that and Notes would only show ‘Plugin Snapshot 1’, ‘Plugin Snapshot 2’ etc). Haven’t saved Song. No States created. Clicked on ‘Show Notes’ and added “$(FirstPluginProgramName)”. Notes show the current selected Preset. Open GUI for VST and return to Show Notes. Switch Preset using Cantiabile menu at top of GUI… No change! If I then click on Edit [Note] (double click on Note) and press’OK’ Preset will update!

Rather frustrating… I can’t see any reason why this should have started happening!

Anyone any ideas? As previously mentioned… When I first tried this it worked so forgot about it and went about building the Song and then noticed it had stopped changing so I must have changed something somewhere. The only thing I did was turn on Wrap States in options. I have tried turning this off again but still nothing!.. Aaaargh!

edit Version is 3.0 Build 3636

Hi Hunter,

I found the same thing when i did your test. The notes variable did not update using the preset selection controls on the opened plugin GUI. I didn’t check it that way when i ran the test. I changed the preset here on the slot itself with the GUI closed and it updated. It could be that since I changed panes to do it that’s what caused the update. I will try a few more tests …

Weirder than we thought eh? But possibly part of the design of the editor GUI box itself and it’s connection the notes panel. Either way it’s worth making a flag here for @brad to examine.


I ran some tests using bindings to switch the preset while the focus was still on the Notes pane and no screen update until you switch to either routes or bindings view and then back again. This is definitely not right and is a bug IMO. Glad you spotted it Hunter! I already flagged for Brad so we’ll see what he says.


Hi @dave_dore… Thanks for helping here. I get the same results as you if I leave the Notes page (either by going to routing or even just editing a note), change the preset and return. The variable returns the correct result for “Preset” (and also if I change the preset when I change the state - but that’s not the desired result). I have been testing having one state, with one VST with two or more presets with the GUI open when I click on Show Notes, and also a binding to change the preset using a MIDI controller (my FBV pedal in this case), then choosing “Show Notes” view (leaving the GUI open) and changing the preset in the GUI menu, changing the preset using the binding and the Preset variable text does not update. Hope that helps clarify the steps I am performing. Will be keen to see if this is a bug or if Show Notes won’t dynamically change/refresh if there is no routing/state change…

Hey Hunter

@dave_dore got to it quicker than I possibly could, which is fine because his genius is much more finely tuned than my deteriorating brain. I just downloaded Enso demo, and I am going to check what you have going. I, however, prefer racks for TH-U for several reasons, one being it makes live performance a breeze. I will get back to you after I do some testing, so give me a little time. I am also on C3 3637.

With Dave on the case, it will surely be solved soon!



Thanks @Corky… Would be keen to know how you use TH-U in racks and the benefits it can provide. I really like the sound and simplicity of putting rigs together and Enso is amazing… It doesn’t have an undo which is a shame but that’s why I just use a couple of instances and switch routing so I can control a couple of different loops and has a steady buffer memory (which alas GLoop does not) and a quantized start/end which is ideal… Anyway, let’s see if can figure this Show Notes Preset variable problem… Hoping I can get it working as kinda handy:grin:

I’ve stayed mostly away from looping until recently, so this is a good project for me. A motivation anyway. :wink:


Below is a simple experimental rack I made with TH-U when it 1st appeared. It has some of the TH-U inclusive presets as rack states. You can change presets many different ways, but I sometimes use song states for the changes. Using my pedal switches seems more like a real guitar pedal board, but your choices aren’t limited, as you can assign anything to anything. The cool thing about the presets being in the rack states, I can switch those states at the song level with a binding, which avoids opening the rack. @dave_dore showed this in his example above with VB3.
Another cool thing is using multiple racks, to control other racks. It can get complicated if you want. As far as using the looper, I will get my head wrapped around it, then try your setup, and see if racks may be a better way. It will take some time though, as rehearsals are plentiful this week.

If you are using plugin snapshots, it is very necessary to be running Cantabile v 3637, as @brad fixed the save function on the snapshots.

TH-U.cantabileRack (112.2 KB)

You, sir, are a top banana!:+1: Thanks for that. I’ll give this rack a workout over the weekend. To be honest I hadn’t noticed any issues with snapshots (I’m guessing this is the Cantabile preset “save”?) but I may not be using them correctly anyway - but will try Build 3637 out anyway and see if that helps the “Show Notes” potential bug too… I tend to double save each patch anyway; through TH-U and again export the Cantabile program, so will enjoy giving this a proper run through… Thanks again :sunglasses:

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