Not loading 64bit Plugins? [Other Post Didn't Help]-RESOLVED

Yes, I was running the 32bit version, although the Help->About explains that in a very technical way.

I have Cantabile 3.0 Build 3158 (x86). I’m confused because on the Help->About screen, it doesn’t say 32 or 64 bit, or maybe it does but you have know the secret code. I paid for the software.

I tried to make sense of the other posts on this topic, but it didn’t make sense. Something Jbridge or extra software.

I just bought some 64bit plugins from the Plugin Alliance, and they’re not showing up.

Any Thoughts?
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Hi Alex,

A few questions please,

  • do you run windows in 32 bit?
  • do you have jBridge ? ( a separate program that allows 64 to 32 bit and 32 to 64 bit vst support in the form of a wrapper, when you have it installed all you have to do is point to your 64 bit vst folder in options>plugin options and they should show up on the next restart of Cantabile) If you do not and you are running 32 bit Cantabile you will not see them because without jBridge they can’t load.

So … if you don’t have jBridge and you are running 32 bit windows then the best solution would be to replace the 64 bit plugins with their 32 bit versions made by same company in most cases or you could change to a 64 bit windows system and run Cantabile 64 bit and use what you bought as is. Hope that explains your questions.


Hi Alex,

Have you seen this topic in the guides - Understanding 64-bit.

Post back here if you still have questions.


Ahhh… the secret code.

In My Humble Opinion, if it’s possible software users shouldn’t have to understand secret codes. The software should call a Windows API determine which versions of the OS it’s on, and provide that in plain English on the about page. (I think MS Office products used to do that).

In addition to plain, simple English - if certain versions of the OS require certain versions of plugins, you could provide the warning as well. Something like - “We’ve detected you’re running the blah blah version of Windows[TM] - BE AWARE - that to run the blah blah version of software plugins you will also need blah blah software”

Consider it an enhancement request.

The easier it is to use, the more people will use it.
By the way - it is good software, I like using it.