Nord Users - Opinions Needed


Hey all…I currently am using a StudioLogic SL88 dedicated to an Integra 7 sound module and an M-Audio Code 49 split between the I7 and a Yamaha MX49 and of course a boatload of VST’s via C3.

I am seeking some opinions on the Nord Elcectro 6 as a controller and in the event of failure, as a self contained keyboard to get through a gig. I know there are a lot of Nord users among my fellow C3 users, so anyone willing to throw in their 2 cents, it would be much appreciated


I’m using my Nord Stage 2 mainly for the fantastic piano and organ sounds. I had the electro 3 before. Also super keyboard but i upgraded.
I really haven’t found anything vst that comes close. It all just sounds so fat and dynamic.
I love the waterfall keybed also. Plus the direct approach of the buttons and dials. It’s pretty lightweight but still tough.
It’s not such a great controller, IMO, although I’d love to see a quality Nord controller.
It’s been on hundreds of stages for the last 10(?) years and it still has no technical problems.
With Nord you really get what you pay for, in big contrast with other brands, who try to sell cheap China stuff for big money.

I recently saw a review. But i think it’s not fair what this dude says. Or maybe he had a Monday model.
I would buy a Nord anytime again when this one desserts me.


Back in ye olde days I have an Electro 2 rack and a Lead 2. In the late 2000s the Electro was untouchable for organ and the electric piano sounds were good too. Now of course it’s not the only game in town. I haven’t ever done a driect comparison but those sounds in the Stage series have never sounded as good to me. I don’t know why since I’m sure the engines are the same. And of course the Lead was fantastic too, and I always thought the keyboard felt really good

The only recent exposure to Nord stuff I’ve had are the Stage pianos and I know I’ll be in a minority here but I just don’t like them. Although the keybeds feel pretty good.

I assume the Electro 6 still has waterfall keys, which is pretty awesome for organ- as a controller for other things it might be a compromise. If it doesn’t- BOO lol


I bought one year ago a Nord Stage 3 compact.
73 keys waterfall.
I tried to use it several times.
No fun. No involvement.
Reverb and Leslie very strange.
I was satisfied with Stage2 of a friend, this made me make that mistake
After 2 months I sold that keyboard.
If you don’t feel it yours, selling is mandatory.


I had a Stage classic for a few years. I never really got along with the pianos. I know the Stage 2 sounds better, I’ve only tried it in the store though. The interface is something I still miss, it’s really freeing and inspiring to have (almost) everything laid out in front of you and ready to be adjusted.

Sound-wise, I would never go back now, my VSTs sound way better. But if I had catastrophic failure and had to use “something” to get me through the gig and I didn’t have any prepared synth I would have a ton of fun with a Nord. I can’t really think of a better board to use to “jam” your way through a gig.


Sorry…been super busy. Thanks to all who responded. The opinions are much appreciated