Noobie to the max and trying achieve initial setup SOLVED


I am completely new to Cantabile and to midi so I need some rudimentary instructions. I have a Line 6 FBV Express MKII midi foot controller and M-Audio Fast Track Pro audio/midi interface, and electric guitar. How would these be connected to a Windows laptop and then output to an amp or PA system? Could someone point me to an article or video. I apologize in advance if this request is in the wrong forum area.



Install the proper drivers for the interface and controller. Hook up both to the computer with a USB cable.

Hook up the guitar to the input of the interface, and the output of the interface to the amp input.

Have a look at the front of the interface and make sure the “mix” knob is set completely to “PB” (playback). This ensures you will only get the effected sound, processed through the computer, as opposed to your clean guitar sound. Turning it to “in” will allow you to check that everything is actually hooked up and able to make sound.

Now, in Cantabile, in the settings menu, select Fast Track Pro ASIO as driver. Back in the main screen, adding an amp sim plugin (or any effect really) and connecting it on the left side to your audio input and on the right side to your audio output should give you sound.


I don’t know if you are man or woman, but to me you are a prince or princess. Thanks so much for the quick and lucid response.



You’re quite welcome. To be fair, the above are the most basic steps and they don’t really do anything with your midi controller yet. But if, with a little luck, you get sound following those steps, we can work from there. And if not, you will have seen some screens and hopefully that will help getting you going :slight_smile:
Good luck!


My goal is, I think, sort of simple. I want to use my computer with Cantabile to call up various guitar effects using the midi foot controller. I don’t need a plethora of bells an whistles. My goal, now that I know from your response on the setup, is to find a good plug-in that offers various effects capabilities. Already started the research but if you have any advice, I’m all for it; not too proud to beg! :slight_smile:


Depends a lot on what you need. If you’re running the output into a guitar amp and all you want is phasers/delays/etc. there a lots of options both free and paid.

If you mean you want a “complete” sound, then unfortunately ampsims are probably the most vigorously debated category of fx plugins. Guitarists are just so particular about tone. Some names you might want to check out;

  • IK Multimedia Amplitube (probably the most well known, has a basic version which comes with a built in shop to buy more models)
  • Native Instruments Guitar Rig (has lots of fx, most people don’t love the amp sounds)
  • Overloud TH-X (to me it sounds aimed more towards high gain)
  • Peavey ReValver (not much experience with this)
  • Scuffham S-Gear (a little older but personally I quite like this, very usable presets)
  • Waves GTR (not a huge fan of the amps but has a very intuitive and light-weight selection of FX, they’re often on sale and then quite affordable)
  • Positive Grid BIAS FX and AMP (no experience with these, I think they’re well reviewed but fairly expensive)
  • Kazrog ReCabinet (mostly amps and cabinets)

Good luck going down this rabbit hole!


… and if you’re only looking for effects and not amp simulators, take a look at the Kuassa range of VST pedals - pretty good and versatile.




Thanks for the tip, Torsten.


I’ve been using this pedal over 2 years. It controls everything I do in Cantabile…from lyric changes, song changes, instrument and fx changes. I play keys and guitar. I own nearly every amp sim available GAS (gear acquisition syndrome). I control all my virtual pedals and sim changes with the pedal. You will need a decent Audio Interface as well. Don’t know about the M-Audio.


I did some reading on IK products. Probably overkill with my limited knowledge. I’ll be running the guitar through a PA via Direct box, so your first paragraph is likely the most applicable. Will take a look at all the items you mentioned, though. Won’t hurt to learn…and thanks for the generous help.



I also have access to an old Alesis 6 channel, which is probably better than the M-Audio. It’s good to read all the good things you’ve done with the pedal. Gives me encouragement.


Actually if you’re going into a PA through a DI you definitely need an amp simulator.


…also, Corky, I’m as of yet nowhere near your level of proficiency in Cantabile; it’ll probably take the rest of the year for me to produce any kind of noise :smile:


Just before you throw away some cash, start with some free stuff… LePou Amp Sims, Ignite Amps, SimulAnalog Guitar suite has some nice boss pedal fx (


I have no level of proficiency, just a time investment.:wink:
Just holler at me if you need help. BTW…before I get too deep, what Cantabile version are you using?


I have the Solo version




Thanks. I need to check Solo restrictions 1st.

True dat. Also, do not run an amp sim into a real guitar amp. Just FX into a guitar amp. Experience can be shameful as well as knowledgeable.:roll_eyes:


Line 6 Helix Native works well in Cantabile and has everything you could need.


Would you even need Cantabile if you use Helix native with a Line 6 controller pedal?