Non-US Foreign accented letters while Cantabile is running

Typing accented letters on physical keyboard while Cantabile is running cause letters to be separated from their accents:

~ + a = ã
´ + e = é
~ + n = ñ
` + e = è
´ + y = ý
¨ + a = ä
^ + e = ê

When Cantabile is running, the very same accent/letter combinations become:

~~ + a = ~~a
´´ + e = ´´e
~^ + e = ~^e

and so on…

Closing Cantabile, everything is ok. Windows 10 Pro Creators Update and Cantabile b3247. Don’t which release the problem occurred for the first time.

BUMP… UP… Any news?

Hi @abaymajr

Sorry I missed this post before. To clarify:

  1. Are you saying that these characters become mistyped in other applications even if Cantabile is running in the background? Or, does this only happen when typing in Cantabile?
  2. Do you have Cantabile’s keyboard capture turned on? (Tools Menu -> Capture Keyboard)
  3. In Tools -> Options -> Keyboard and Controls try changing “Keyboard capture works from” to “Cantabile’s Main Window Only” and see if that makes a difference.

Failing the above I’ll need to try to reproduce this here to figure it out. What keyboard layout and regional settings do you have selected in Windows?


Hi Brad,

Just to inform that the problem reported on this topic (which got worse since Windows 10 FCU as the virtual keyboard became acting as a physical one) was finally solved by the “new internal implementation of keyboard capture (porting work)” implemented on Build 3508.

Thanks a lot!

Just whilst on this subject, I noticed an issue when running VSTi only plugins (i.e. no stanfalone) inside Cantabile for the first time that required registration (noting that Cantabile is my only host on the live PC).

E.g. in UH-E synths (VST only) my user name is (boringly) “Derek Cook” but I couldn’t type that as every time I hit the SPACE bar between the words the key event was consumed and the Cantible playback started!

I had to write “Derek Cook” in notepad and copy and paste that into the registration dialog for the synth running in Cantabile, if that makes sense.

Not a deal breaker, but I thought it worth mentioning. :slight_smile:

Should be fixed in 3505 and later:

  • Fixed - globally bound keys (eg: space for transport) shouldn’t work when focus is in a text field

But… depends if the plugin is using a standard Windows text field for text entry or a custom text field. Most do use a standard text field - if you find a plugin where this doesn’t work, let me know.


Hi, Brad

It happened on all of my UH-E plugins whilst authorising on my new gig computer.

Can’t recollect any others doing the same. So, yes, possibly a custom field.


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Hi Brad,

Just like to report that the problem related to this topic, once fixed by “new internal implementation of keyboard capture (porting work)” implemented on Cantabile b3508, is back again since b3633 or other recent release. Could you please check it again?

Just did some testing here and can´t seem to reproduce any issues. see here

Doh… ignore that, I was testing with the wrong build of Cantabile and I’ve reproduced it now and will look into it.


Hi! Any news on this? I’m using Cantabile to put global effects in my sound out running in the background from startup, but I’m a Spanish speaker and I can’t work at all with this bug :frowning:
A curiosity: I have two instances of the same keyboard installed and swapping from one to another with alt+shift corrects the issue temporarily until I switch to another app. Not ideal at all.