No sound when I select a new song

Hi everybody,

I’m using C3 Performer x64 with Jbridge to use the Native Instruments B4 II VST 32 bits.
I’ve created a rack with this VST and I use it in a song.
The problem is when I select this song, I have no sound until I select a preset for the VST. It seems that there’s no default preset.

Do you know where it comes from ?

Best regards,


Have you tried to:

Select that song, select the desired preset, play a note -> press Ctr+Shift+S ?

It sounds to me, that either the song or the state is not properly saved.

g, Jeff

Do you have the same problem if you use Cantabile x86 without the bridging?

(You should find two shortcuts in your Windows start menu - one for x86, one for x64)