No Sound on some plugins

Hello, I’m using cantabile while playing in a band. After a failed experiment to use my Korg X50 with cantabile (the PC editor x50.dll could not be integrated as a plugin in Cantabile, when switching sounds on the X50 the pitch of my plugins changed …) I have my USB Keyboard OXYGEN61 put back into my setup. However, some plugins (M1 / Triton / B4) in my setlist do not give a sound. The MIDI signal arrives, but no sound. Other plugins work.

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Can you possibly post a screen shot (table view) of a song routing so we can see where things went wrong?
I also have an Oxygen 61, and use M1, Triton, and several Hammond plugs (B4 not in my collection anymore).
It would help to tell us what version of Cantabile you are using? Version number… Free, Solo, or Performer…X86 or X64. Are you using an external audio interface, or the sound card in the computer? On either, are you using the correct driver in your settings?
Basically, you route your 61 to the plugin, and the plugin out to your choice output. All this input/output and controller configuration has to be set in Tools>Options>Audio Engine, Audio Ports, Midi Ports. If you haven’t set this up, go to:


Everything you need to get started will be in these guides. Let us know, and good luck.



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According the PC editor x50.dll Korg page, “This software allows you to edit the X50 in a stand-alone operation, or it can run as a plug-in editor in an AU, VST or RTAS environment”.
It seems it’s an old XP/Vista program, my gut say it’s 32bit. If your system is 64bit, you need the Jbridge utility (for all 32bit plugin, not only the X50 editor).
Please follow Corky’s advice and let us know all about your configuration.

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Well, I use jbridge already and I placed the x50.dll in the plugins folder. But I gave it up, so I use my USB Controller Keyboard as 3-rd device on stage (it looks better :slight_smile:) . So I have a EMU Xboard61, that works without problems, but I want to replace it with my OXYGEN61 for the live setup (sometimes the XBOARD hangs during a song :-(), but some of the KORG VST have problems with this OXYGEN61, i can’t play with them outside cantabile, so I think, that’s the porblem. My Wavestation, also from the Korg Legacy Digital Collection is working, M1 not and obscurely my Triton Plugin not.

Specifically, what problems are you having? I have no problem with the Oxygen or Xboard. I am really not understanding "i can’t play with them outside cantabile". Are meaning playing as a stand alone? If so, that’s because they need to be in a plugin host…like Cantabile. Some plugins have a stand alone that doesn’t require a host, but most need a host to play. We really need more info than what you are giving. Right now, all we can do is guess to what you are referring. Again, screen shots and more specific info would help us get closer to solving your problem.

Have you looked at the MIDI channel your keyboard is sending on?

Just open a MIDI monitor at the input of your plugin (right-click the plugin, then see below) and let us see what’s happening



Well. here is a screenshot of a song,

here the MIDI Monitor … all my VST’s are set to OMNI, so I think, that’s not a problem of the Channel

After Reviewing the discussions track her some Pictures to show my problem:

But he OXYGEN61 was set…
my Triton Plugin starts without a message:
But I can’t select OXYGEN61 as active
A Half year ago it works!
I sitched to X50 as midi Controler, not so successfull, now Back to Oxygen61…

I see that your MIDI data seems to arrive on Midi Channel 16, so it looks like your Oxygen keyboard is sending on MIDI channel 16. Most of the Korg plugins have their master MIDI channel set to 1 by default, so no wonder you get no sound from them.

Same with multis; most are built on a base channel 1:

So the MIDI channel definitely matters. You can either try to set the send channel to 1 on your Oxygen 61 or (if you definitely need it to be 16), you can also use Cantabile’s route properties to re-direct the MIDI channel:

BTW: same with the TRITON - it is set to MIDI channel 1 by default:

There is no “Omni” mode in M1 or in Triton, AFAIK, so you’ll need to deal with MIDI channel one way or the other…

I keep all my master keyboards set to send on MIDI channel 1 (plus, I force the MIDI channel to 1 in my abstracted input racks) to make sure nothing funky like the above happens. All channel bending for multi-timbral VSTi happens inside Cantabile. Keep things stupid and simple…



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You should only run the stand-alone version of your Korg instruments when no other application (like Cantabile) is using the MIDI port. Very few MIDI drivers are multi-client-capable, so when Cantabile grabs your Oxygen input port, it is not available for your M1 stand-alone app. But that’s a completely different issue from the above one (“no sound”)…

But let’s make sure we address your issues one at a time - first let’s crack the “no sound in Cantabile” issue, OK? Please try the MIDI channel solution and come back with your results…

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Ok about the MIDI channel: I have to study the manual of the OXYGEN to set the channel to 1. I did nothing to change the channel, so I wondering about the 16 … So I think, my XBOARD sends on channel1 and everythging goes. Some auf my VST’s have the OMNI (Lounge lizard session) and work also with the OXYGEN. The Wavestation also, there is no Master Channel set. Thanks so long, sorry about my english :slight_smile:

OKAY!!! Success. It was easyer than I thought to set th MIDI Channel in my OXYGEN.
So many thanks for your advices !! All the other Problems are not a problem, I never want to use the stand alone Plugins It was only to test the function to exclude cantabile as the problem.