No Sound but the connection is clearly there

Ok so, organ is connected and Cantabile sees the UM-ONE Mk2. When I strike the keyboard the 2 little “Indicator” lights go green and there’s data in the monitor window BUT there’s no sound.
I’ve tested with “Channels” on Omni and with specific channels assigned as per the organ’s manual [5,6,7 upper & 8, 9,11 lower].
Midi cable has power, and the Input light is on [cables in their correct sockets].
What am I missing?
I can set my Casio up no problem but the Lowrey not so much.

Have a number of screen shots; User Manual Midi charts, the data from the monitor, tell me what you need and I’ll provide it…this is driving me insane.


What vst are you using to produce sound?

Could you show us a screen shot of the main routing page and also the audio set up page? That way we can see what’s happening…



Not much info there…so your midi device is lighting up. Did you direct the midi to the vst, and then direct the vst to an output? Again, it helps to show some screen shots of your routing.


Hello - being new I wasn’t sure what screen shots - ask and ye shall receive.
VST2 Plugin = HaNonB70 and it works fine with my Casio LK-90 running general Midi.
For what it’s worth the Organ is a Lowrey Debut Deluxe ('96) and can post the Midi charts.
Let me know what else gentlemen.

Everything I can see looks right. I wouldn’t run a 48,000Hz sample rate, but if you are not hearing any pops or crackles, I guess that is ok.
This runs on your Casio, so I suspect there is a problem, either with your midi cable/to usb, or a setting in your Lowrey for midi out. I had problems with those type cables before, but I suspect it is the Lowrey. You need to see your manual on that. Also look at the HaNon itself, and what midi-in settings it has. I see you have several midi selections for upper and lower register. I am not familiar with HaNon, so I really can’t speak to what it can, or cannot do. Also, just a basic thing…make sure your cabling is in the correct midi in and midi out on the Lowery, and is correct on the cabling as well. I’ve made that mistake many times.

Edit: I know what the HaNon is now…just didn’t recognize the name. Usually, on Hammond vsts, the upper manual is on midi Ch 1, lower is on Ch 2, and footboard register (if it has one) is on Ch 3. You will need to run your Lowery accordingly, if you want both manuals.

Like Corky said, everything looks right. The only other thing I can think of other than cabling is the midi set up of the plugin itself. A lot of the Hammond/organ clones allow you to set the midi channel they’re listening for for each manual/pedals. Having not used the HaNon, I couldn’t tell you where that setting is but that’s where I’d look. From the midi monitor, it looks like your keyboard is transmitting on channels 5,6 and 7. I would imagine that most VSTs are set to receive on midi channel 1 (and 2 & 3) in the case of organ plugins…

The Omni setting for the route just means that the route will pass through any channel it receives.

So have a look at the settings in the plugin itself and see what midi channel it’s listening on.



Does the metronome sound? It doesn’t require the plugin. Just wondering?

Generally, your setup looks fine - so it may be an issue with the HaNonB70 or some controllers. Can you check:

  • enable the virtual keyboard of the plugin and see if you get anything out of it by clicking the on-screen keys in the plugin - if yes, there’s something dodgy with the midi connection from your Lowrey.
  • If the organ stays silent even with the on-screen keyboard, check the position of the “keyboard mix” slider - if it’s all the way set to “lower”, the upper manual sound is turned off
  • check if the Lowrey organ is sending any CC7 or CC11 with its pedal - HaNonB70 will treat both as volume control

Note: the HaNonB70 plugin is a bit funky in its midi channel assignment: only data sent on channel 2 will go to the lower manual, all other channels will go to the upper - so all you are sending on channels 5,6, and 7 will go to the upper manual. You’ll have to consider this when mapping the Lowrey’s keybeds to the plugin via Cantabile’s route properties.

Also, the plugin doesn’t have a foot pedal layer, so no way to address that on any midi channel.

You might simply try a different instrument plugin with the Lowrey - also, to be sure, map all midi channels from the Lowrey to channel 1 to keep things simple:

Just some things to check



Hello and thank you all for your contributions!

I got it working last night. Oh and yes the metronome was the first thing I tested in all this.

@Torsten - I followed your screen shot and set the Target Channel and it worked though not the split of upper / lower. My attempts to get that included creating 2 inputs one for each manual [see screenshot] set up as Target Channels 1 & 2 - still unable to separate the manuals.
Though now re-reading your 2nd point I didn’t check the “keyboard mix” slider - will do later. It was late and I was both elated it was ‘working’ and tired…lol.
BTW - I’m working with “Lite” and it doesn’t seem to have the granular Midi route editor controls of your screen shot.
If it’s not the “keyboard mix” slider any thoughts on what it would be?
Also, I tried another plugin and couldn’t separate the manuals [Collab3].

And on that note of separating the Lowrey’s 2 manuals to play the plugin separately either by the 2 boards in the Hammond plugin OR even to play another plugin…

@Corky - Not sure I fully understand the last sentence because the Lowrey is old school…there’s no screen/digital interface or “on/off” button. It has midi ports in the back and that’s it. In fact I played with the on/off buttons for the upper/lower manuals that I can control in the “orchestra” area on the organ’s front but made no difference.

Lowrey Midi Charts that I’m trying to make sense of in context.

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I don’t know which last sentence you were referring, but your chart says upper is on midi channel 1, and lower channel 2. The other last sentence was about the midi cables being correctly connected to the Lowery, whether in to out or visa versa. I haven’t seen a Lowery since the mid 1970’s, so I would have no clue, but since it had midi ports, I wasn’t sure what it might have.

The reason I mentioned the cabling, and correctly connecting to ports, and the Lowery itself, is because you had it running with your Casio. Everyone agrees your settings are correct.

As Corky said, it seems Lowrey is a bit old school (I would have said weird). If the cables, connectors, etc. are OK, maybe the trouble is in the plugin. I don’t know how HaNon works at all. I’ll try another VST, like a free synth. I use FullBucketMusic Bloo for all my debugging situations. It’s available in both 32 and 64 bit version, it’s very CPU optimized, and the developer is a smart guy (so the code is well written). May worth a try this one or another VST. It’s not so easy fix problems when is unclear if the issue is hardware, software, or a deadly mix of both!

To All,

Lowrey is old school…LOL…you got that right.
@Corky - thanks for the clarity.
@cpaolo - thanks for the link but probably beyond me.
Anyhow some interesting finds and successes as I experiment - again I’m very green to all this.

So somewhere in all this process I downloaded the latest HaNon because oddly I just changed the “Source Channel” & “Target Channel” to Omni/Same and got sound where the very original tests that started all this were failing.

Splitting the Lowrey …
Went back to the organ’s midi charts and successfully split the manuals - loaded another plugin and it worked - so can play 2 plugins - happy dance :smile:

However, I still can’t get HaNon to split despite playing with “Source” & “Target” channels as per the Lowrey charts. So there’s something about that HaNon app that isn’t working because it has a “Split Board” setting or I’m missing something.
So if anyone is feeling motivated to run a test with HaNon…it’s free at lostin70’

Side note…does anyone know how to deal with ASIO4ALL and it not playing nice with the standard audio of the computer [Win7 32bit]? I get the “Audio render error. …” on Youtube when it’s running.

You can’t run Cantabile AND YouTube through the same audio, at the same time. Asio4All is very stable on my Win7 and higher.

Ok thanks.

And thank you all for your help.


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If you need to play YouTube and Cantabile at the same time, you can substitute Voicemeeter Banana for ASIO4ALL, as it permits mixing of multiple inputs and is non-exclusive. It is a virtual-ASIO interface to Windows Audio the same way that ASIO4ALL is, but with far more features.


Thanks Terry … and wow that looks serious and potentially complicated…lol.
On another side note, I find playing the ‘on screen board’ through my computer’s internal speakers is way down with ASIO4ALL as well. No problem obviously once I plug in my externals…is that also a ‘feature’ of ASIO4ALL?
Forgive what must be the rudimentary questions this is all super new to me.

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I don’t know why the volume would be lower just by using ASIO4ALL. Voicemeeter, at its simplest, is ASIO4ALL with volume controls.


Being an IT guy I find the behavior odd so somewhere between Cantabile, Asio and my laptop something is pre-set or I inadvertently did something. Play a vid without Asio on and the volume is good but as soon as I turn on Cantabile the internal speakers go super low.
Anyhow, thanks for patching me onto Voicemeeter, watched a couple vids and that’s easier than it initially looked. Cheers, Orion

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