No scroll bar in racks with many items

Hi, I have a problem with many racks… there is no scroll bar on the side to move down to the hidden racks.

…anyone an Idea what happens or is it a mission for the master of the castle, Sir Brad?

Cheers Jürgen

Looks like a bug. What happens if you resize the main window - do they appear.

In any case can you send me a copy of the rack file and your settings.json (from Tools -> Open Settings Folder) and I’ll check it out.


Hi brad it happens in all sizes and also maximized.

But I must correct… not on Songlevel rather in a >Rack< with so many items !!

It is running on a surface pro 4. Maybe there are some differences between the system ?? …not testet the behavior on my ‘normal’ PC

Cheers Jürgen

Hi @Juergen

I haven’t been able to reproduce this - which build of Cantabile are you running?


Build 3559…

have you noticed… it is not on songlevel …it happpens in Racks if they are larger than the Window.
In this case I have many embedded Racks inside a linked Rack.

Cheers Jürgen


Today I tested this on my other PC and there is no Problem…
all scrollbars are on their places

So what is different on the Surface?

Hi @Juergen

I’ve been looking at this again and still haven’t been able to reproduce it. Can you email me a copy of that rack file and also your settings.json file (available from Tools -> Open Settings Folder).


Hi Brad…

I think it is not a cantabile problem because it happens also in other Programs (ELM)… and only on my Surface Pro…

…and I didn’t see the little maximize/minimize button in the cantabile window

so the problem is now only when the window is complete maximized and there are more items than space

so for the moment I can make the window a little bit smaler and it works… don’t want to steal your time with those Windows 10 problems :wink:

Cheers Jürgen

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I am now having this same issue (4 years later) with v4052, but not with v3702.

The scroll bars are missing for any list-based display of Routings or Bindings, but only when in a Linked Rack. I can post images, but they are similar those of @Juergen.

Both horizontal and vertical scroll bars are affected.

I can use the arrow keys to move horizontally across the columns of the Bindings list display, and the columns do scroll as expected (still not scroll bar, but the display keeps the in-focus cell on the screen).

However, when I move down vertically past the last item in the visible list, the display does not scroll vertically and the in-focus cell is no longer visible. It is somewhere below the visible screen. And when I use the arrow keys to move back up, it reappears in a way that indicates it was “moving South” through the cells. i.e. If I Down-Arrow 6 times off the bottom of the screen, the in-focus cell does not reappear until I Up-Arrow 6 times.

Rebooting Win10x64 did not help …

I’ve been able to isolate when it occurs …

The missing scrollbar situation only occurs if the display of Rack Routes or Bindings takes up the entire vertical distance available on the GUI.

If you grab the top of the Rack display and drag it down (showing part of the song that contains the Rack), then the scrollbars immediately appear while you are dragging …

Here are two screenshots that show this bug:

First, the normal situation - the scroll bars are visible for the rack:

If you slide the rack up so that the parent Song is not visible, the sliders disappear (pretty inconvenient):

UPDATE: This bug has been fixed in C4 v4053 (29-Aug-2022). Yay!
(I had to amend this message since I could not post three replies in a row).