No-Op Target for Bindings?

I’m wondering if there is some way to specify a “No Operation” target of a binding.

I make careful use of “Continue” and “Suspend” in my bindings to control whether a source flows through to the Background rack. I have to make the last, and only the last, binding of a long set of bindings “Suspend” and all the others above it must be “Continue”. Head-scratching bugs ensue if I get this wrong. And …

There is no easy indicator to see which are Continue and which are Suspend.

Was thinking that a NO-OP binding could visibly flag the end of the Continue-chain.

Or maybe there is another approach to this situation …

Hi Clint,

I’m not sure if this is what you want but using Run Mode in the target creates a conditional binding. There are 3 run modes 0 = Run, 1 = Suspend, 2 = Unload.

My example suspends the linked rack whenever the plugin is enabled.


I’ve been bitten by the same situation, where deleting or re-ordering a binding in a set of bindings causes unexpected results depending on which of the bindings had Suppress as its Routing Mode. If i’m remembering correctly i have on occasion added some superfluous binding at the end (e.g. send some unused controller to the On-screen keyboard) to the end of a set of bindings with a comment that this is to end processing.

But i totally agree that it would be better to have an indicator with the binding for Routing Mode, like what we have for bidirectional bindings (though that array of icons on the left of the binding is getting a bit crowded.)

– Jimbo