No MIDI in anymore :-(

Hi there
suddenly no MIDI-in is recognized anymore (even onscreen-keyboard).
Any idea?

Thx, Christian

Not sure but I would start by going to Tools>Options>MIDI Ports and check each port to see if they are OK. Also check the MIDI indicators on the input routes you are talking about and see if they are lighting up when you play the keys.

Is the audio engine switched on (top right)?


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Engine on, but no green MIDI-indicators below line one.
At least top line right (“Input ports”), the green indicator is flashing according to my master-Keyboard.

The left hand indicator shows the keyboard is sending MIDI to the C3 Input port, the right hand one shows whether the Vst or output port connection is connected and working. It sounds like only the left hand one on top line is lighting. Is that true? If so the route to the Vst Instrument or rack route is suspect. Is the destination VST in a rack? If you can post a screenshot of the input port and the destination VST slot or Rack slot that it should be sounding.