Nice Guitar-VST in 2020?

Hey people,

we have the year 2020 and I’d like to ask you if there is any good guitar-VST out there? I would only need it for comping. Not for soloing. Electric will be fine. Acoustic would be a nice add as well.

I would like to play it to comp songs which we don’t play with click. So an arpeggiator or so wouldn’t help much.


Several options, but guitar on keyboard is not an easy thing.
I have the AcousticSamples Guitar Collection (, which is sometimes available for 99 USD. AAS Strum GS-2 ( is also an option, as well as Electri6ity. I do not have many NativeInstruments VST’s but you likely find some candidates there as well. If you have Reason (and the V11 Rack Plugin), I like the A-List Reason Guitar Libaries as well.

Best is try them out if you can, also for playability, since they all play differently


and take a look at:

kind regards

Been using this for years and still serves me well: