Nice Freebie Dynamic EQ

Worth a look imo if you want a dynamic EQ. The free version of this one is not very dumbed down at all with 4 selectable bands and filter type. Supports frequency dependent compression ratio below 1 (expansion). EQ bands are loudness compensated so you hear something very close to the original perceived volume when EQing (lol, gave me a bit of a “is this thing working” sensation the first time I tried it).


Just one thing to note: the TDR plugins mostly have significant latency - something to be aware of for live use…

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Good point, fortunately this particular one seems decent enough in that regard. Here’s a latency vs buffer size plot of Nova in Eco mode with all four bands set to several dB of EQ plus dynamics turned on as compared to Neural DSP’s Archetype Cory Wong guitar amp sim with no pedals but using all post FX. This is with ASIO card at 4ms (176 samples) @ 44.1KHz. As you can see, Nova is about half of what Wong is, and when playing thru Wong, virtually no discernable latency. FWIW, I didn’t feel any real difference with Nova in series with Wong.

FWIW, Reaper reports TDR Nova latency as 184 samples @ 44.1KHz and Archetype Wong as 46 samples. Not sure why Plugin Doctor shows what it does, but the Reaper number is probably a better representation of what to expect.