Nice Classic Sequencer from Full Bucket


Hi All,

There was a post recently where a simple sequencer was needed and @Torsten suggested Kirnu. I have been digging a similar vst from the good folks at Full Bucket Music called Sequencair. It has all you need and is very easy to use. Just another alternative. All the Vst creations made there are free to use so donate if you can to this great site!



I’ve been pleasantly surprised with the Full Bucket plugs. Made 2 donations already.


has anyone managed to get midi learn to work in C3?


Same here. I’ve sent him some moola every year for about four years. He’s a champ. I love his old Korg plugs. I especially like tooling around with Modulair. Ragnarök has also been a bit of a staple since 2014 as well.


Yeah I like FB stuff.
For those who don’t already have it, this is another gem from TAL


Absolutely - totally forgot about that little gem! Probably due to the fact that I also use Kirnu as an Arpeggiator (which Sequencair doesn’t do) - but Sequencair is a nifty little beast. Also has a rudimentary little synth already built in - nice!

Thanx @dave_dore for the reminder!