Nice Channel Strip plugin

Hi all,

an interesting new addition to my arsenal: Harrison (of Harrison Console fame) recently published a channel strip plugin - a spin-off of their Ardour-based DAW “Mixbus 32C”.

It has the usual channel strip functions: meter, input & output trim, hi- and lo-pass, compressor, and EQ. I like the layout - all necessary controls for sound shaping arranged in an easy-to-use GUI - makes it super-quick to dial in your sound.

Its CPU footprint is lower than my usual go-to EQ plugin in my racks (FabFilter Pro-Q 3). No added latency reported (in REAPER), so that looks good as well. The EQ feels hi-quality - difficult to make it sound harsh even with massive boosts of the high bands.

I like having sound-shaping options in my instrument racks; I may well make this my default post-instrument plugin - of course after some intensive testing…

It’s still on sale for $49, half the final price - their email says until today, so grab it if you’re in the market for something like it.




I’ve been tracking in Reaper and then mixing in Mixbus 32C. The mixes sound great with this EQ and built in compression.

Question - does it have the tape saturation (Drive knob)?

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Nope - no tape saturation on this one. As far as I remember, Mixbus 32C doesn’t have saturation at input channel level, only on bus and master channels.

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I hesitated to buy it at first since the AVA mastering EQ always crashes Studio One when I close the GUI and there was no reply to my question for weeks now. In addition the version number can’t be seen from the installation file so I downloaded it three times with the same result - crash.
With this new plugin it is different. Seems to be a nice tool.