NI Session Brass: Using Expression pedal to steer Articulation

Dear all

I use Native Instruments Session Brass Plugin live, as I love how realistic they sound. Especially because of the concept that, when playing a chord, the VST instrument the assigns the tones to individual instrument (up to 4 in my Version which is fine as I barely play chords with 5 fingers at the same time for Brass). They call it Smart Voice Split.

The version I bought does not support to switch “on the fly” between the 12(!) articulations they provide (and I don’t want to spend more money for the Pro version only to get this feature not needing all the other stuff). In this (cheaper) Version it is still possible to load different single articulations at the same time into the rack and assign different midi channels to it. The plugin supports expression pedals to steer the expression.

I just found out how easy it is to steer the midi channel based on the controller in cantabile and want to share this as it might help someone: Just use the “Condition” function on the Routing.

  • Play the Brass on Midi Channel 1 if expression controller 11 is e.g. between 0 and 126 (don’t send note if 127)
  • Play the Brass on Midi Channel 2 if expression controller 11 is e.g. 127 (don’t send note if < 127)

Here is are some pictures

Has someone a good idea how I reach this?

If someone knows a better / different way of handling this, please let me know. I played around with the Midi Filters, but have not found a better solution…

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I have made a rack for every articulation and also created a control rack for brass. The benefit is, that I can only load the articulations I need on a per song basis. The method is the same, I use different midi-channels for each articulation. If you want, i can share an example.

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Hi, I’m interested too. If you could share it I’m grateful

Ok I will share the fies when i’m back home.

Greetings, Tom

Brass_Demo.cantabileSong (27.3 KB)
BrassControl.cantabileRack (90.4 KB)
BrassRip.cantabileRack (1.0 MB)
BrassShake.cantabileRack (1.0 MB)
BrassFoPiCre.cantabileRack (1.0 MB)
BrassFallsSlow.cantabileRack (1.0 MB)
BrassDoits.cantabileRack (1.0 MB)
BrassFallsFast.cantabileRack (1.0 MB)
BrassStaccatissimo.cantabileRack (1.0 MB)
BrassSustain.cantabileRack (1.1 MB)
BrassSustainSoft.cantabileRack (1.0 MB)

Here is a small example. I included 4 bindings to change the articulation. There is no cut off when switching, which is great :smiley: thx cantabile :wink: