NI Kontakt Snapshots switch with Autohotkey

Any ideas to configure NI Kontakt Snapshots switch over Program Change?
With help from Autohotkey will be possible this?
But how to configure this?
I have Korg Pa4x Arranger Keyboard and Cantabile 3 Performer.
F.e. Orange Tree Samples Evolution Bass/Guitar librarys.
I know is possible to put in Kontakt Bank but I want to be able to switch Snapshots…
Any ideas?

It appears to be Kontakt day! I’ll tell you the way I manage Kontakt (there are many options). I create a Kontakt Multi with several Kontakt patches in it. I generally keep it to less than 16, but you can go much higher–it just takes a long time to load.

I create a Cantabile Rack for Kontakt and load the Multi. I create a Binding to do a Program Change for each entry in the Multi. It is only necessary to create one Binding, but it will have a different Target for each Rack State. I then create a Rack State that ties to each Binding Target Program number.

Source: Rack States, On Load
Target: Kontakt - MIDI In, Ch 1

Set the State Behavior for the Binding such that the Target box is checked.

Create a Rack State for each Program Change. You don’t need to create new bindings, just change the Target to the Program Number in the Multi. The Rack State name can be the name of the Multi patch or whatever you want to make it.

At the Song Level, set the Rack’s Patch drop down box to the Rack State. BTW, you have to make sure the Rack States behavior check box in the Song is checked for “Selected Rack State”. This is the way Cantabile was designed to work. You might come up with a complicated corner-case way to select things, but this is the way life was intended. Take a look at Brad’s walk through videos on Racks. They have screen shots and much better videos than my typing.


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Thanks Richard
I’m using Kontakt Multis and switching this way.
But if we have 20 Snapshots and each of dem put as Program(Patch) in multi, and I need on 5 midi channels, then I must put 20x5=100 Programs for 5 midi Tracks(ACC1-ACC5) and this way I need a lot of RAM, I have 32GB but anyway.
This is the main reason why I want to use Snapshots switching, where I need just 5 programs, 1 for each midi channel, becouse is just one Guitar but 20 Snapshots of them…