NI Guitar Rig patch Tags in racks not sticking from song to song


I found the following article: Program Change over 128, and I have been using this method to save presets for Guitar Rig in my songs. I have multiple instances of NI Guitar Rig (one for my organ, one for Strat Guitar, one for Les Paul Guitar), each in separate linked racks, and I load all three racks in each song whether I’m using them or not. I use two separate tags on the presets: one for the organ sounds, and one for the guitar sounds. I have saved each rack with the appropriate tag (“Organ”,“Guitar”). Each song has a binding that sends a patch change to the appropriate rack for the correct patch with the above tags.

Two problems occur:

  1. Often (mostly, but not always) when I open a saved set list, the NI Guitar Rigs in one or more of the different racks does not have the appropriate tag set, and thus the binding selecting the patch selects a patch from the master list which is the wrong patch. I’ve found that if after loading a set list I open each of the three racks and Guitar Rig instances and set them to the desired tag for the three instances, that things mostly work after that. If I close and reopen the set list, I have to re-do this, as one or more of the Guitar Rig instances will have reverted to no tags set. After setting the tags correctly, it mostly works, but…

  2. Occasionally (maybe one or two songs), when switching to the new song, the tag on one or more (usually just one) instance of Guitar Rig again resets to no tag, and the wrong patch is selected.

To attempt to fix this, I have tried everything I can think of and it is frustrating the heck out of me. I’ve saved the rack over and over with the appropriate tag selected and the appropriate patch pulled up. I’ve saved the songs where the problem occurs over and over. I’ve saved the set list over and over.

I’ve even looked at re-saving the Guitar Rig patches so it doesn’t matter whether the tag is set, but the ordering is wrong (i.e., my custom patches are all at presets 400+), and I can’t figure out how to substitute my patches for the lower numbered Guitar Rig factory presets. Just copying them does not work, as Guitar Rig maintains some sort of database that you have to go through their patch browser to do things.

How can I get the Guitar Rig patch browser tags to be sticky within the racks/songs/sets such that I don’t have to check each instance of guitar rig for correct patch prior to each song?


BTW, for problem #2, the song(s) where this issue occurs seems to be random; not specific songs. Furthermore, I can step from song to song in one direction through the set list and the problem does not occur and all works fine, but if I step the other direction, it sometimes happens on a random song.